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Delicious Dairy Free “Ice Cream” or Milkshakes (vegan, paleo, primal, GAPS legal)

With people in the house who can’t have dairy, we REALLY miss ice cream especially on hot summer days!

This “ice cream” has the consistency of soft serve and really helps fill the gap.  The kids ask for it almost every day!

Peel, chunk up, and freeze a bunch of very ripe bananas. I freeze them on a cookie sheet so they don’t stick together and then tranfer them to a ziploc bag.

When you’re ready to make the “ice cream,” chunk a couple frozen bananas up and blend in the blender with a little water or coconut milk or whatever liquid you have on hand. Just pulse it slowly till it’s nice and creamy, and I promise you, it will have the exact consistency of soft serve ice cream. You can eat it plain…Add a little vanilla…a glob of nut butter…a few frozen berries…a spoonful of carob or cocoa powder…Lots of possibilities. Soooo yummy.

You don’t even have to be a health food nut to enjoy this!

What’s your favorite healthy summer treat?


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Blueberry Baked Oatmeal for a Crowd

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

6 eggs

1/2 c. honey

1 can coconut milk plus 1 1/2 c. water OR 3 c. whole milk

6 c. old fashioned oatmeal

1 t. baking soda

1/2 t. salt

1/2 t. vanilla

1-2 c. blueberries, fresh or frozen

Mix wet ingredients well, then add and stir dry ingredients.  Gently fold in blueberries.  Pour into oiled 9X13″ glass baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for around 35 minutes.  Enjoy with extra honey and cream!

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Easy Dairy Free, Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Dairy Free Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

1.  Heat one can coconut milk plus 3 cans water till steaming.

2.  Place 1 T. cocoa powder and 12 drops stevia into 6 mugs.

3.  Add hot coconut milk to each mug and stir well.

We have really enjoyed this recipe this winter!  I know spring is just around the corner, but maybe we can squeeze in a few more days of hot chocolate drinking!


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Dairy Free Sugar Free Fluffy Chocolate Mousse

I’m such a sucker for creamy, fluffy desserts.  It’s the thing I miss most since we don’t keep dairy products in the house any more.  So this one thrilled me!

I found this recipe on Pinterest and now it seems to no longer be linked to the original blog.  I wish I could give credit to the recipe inventor, who called these “frosting shots.”  (Edit: In the comments, Leah pointed  me to Chocolate Covered Katie as the inventor.  Thanks, Leah!) It would make good icing, but it makes a really great mousse!

Basically, it’s this.

Put  cans of coconut milk in the refrigerator so the coconut cream will rise to the top and get thick.  (I use Golden Star, which is the cheapest and doesn’t contain emulsifiers that prevent the milk from separating.)

Open the cans and scoop out the cream, leaving the liquid in the can.

Place cream in mixer bowl and whip until fluffy, just like whipped cream.  Along the way, add cocoa powder and liquid stevia to taste.  (I use GNC liquid stevia.  I have heard that it has the least offensive aftertaste.  I think it tastes nice.)

My proportions were 4 cans of coconut milk, approximately 2 t. of cocoa powder and around 60 drops of stevia, give or take.

Spoon into dessert cups and refrigerate awhile longer.  It will get very thick.

So decadent and delicious!  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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Turkey White Bean Chili

Turkey White Bean Chili

1 turkey

2 lb. dry white beans

1 onion

1 can green chilies

1 can rotel tomatoes with green chilies

1 t. or more cumin


Salt and pepper to taste

Boil and debone turkey.  Set meat aside.

Cook white beans and onion with water and turkey broth till tender.

Add green chilies, rotel, cumin, garlic, salt and pepper.  Stir in turkey and keep on flame till heated through.


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Since Christmas, we realized that we had been eating too many sweets.  WAY too many sweets.  No one felt good.

So we implemented the “dessert once a week” rule.  We mostly eat homemade treats, so if I’m going to make something sweet, it’s only on that one day.  If we have occasion to have a treat at another time (such as a social event), that is fine, and we eat lots of fruit and all fruit smoothies, but we aren’t eating dessert daily.  The kids like it because they have something to look forward to, and I like it because I know when it’s coming up and I can plan, plus, everyone acts nicer when they are not eating sugar all the time.

Anyway, it’s a tiny little tip, but I bet I am not the only one who struggles with a crazy amount of sweets and how it affects the kiddos.  The only downside?  They are eating more at meals, so I have to make sure I prepare enough!

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Ham and Egg Cups: Easy Protein Breakfast

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who is always looking for some breakfast variety, and something that packs a protein punch and gets the kids off to a good start!  I cook a hot breakfast every day, not by choice but by necessity.  I tried this recipe yesterday and it was the biggest hit we’ve had in awhile.  Fairly quick and easy, seemed to refrigerate and reheat well, and relatively healthy!

Ham and Egg Cups

12 Very thin ham slices (I use Hormel Naturals, which is nitrite free)

12 Eggs

Maple syrup (optional)

Salt and pepper


Oil muffin tins (unnecessary if they are nonstick, I suppose).

Line each one with a slice of ham.

Pour a little maple syrup in the bottom of each ham “cup,” if you wish.  About ½ teaspoon.

Break an egg into each ham cup.

Salt and pepper the tops.

Bake at 400 for 20 minutes.



Creamy Turmeric Tea: A Yummy Anti-Inflammatory Drink!

I learned some time back about the reported amazing health benefits of turmeric (the bright yellow spice used to flavor curry).  In fact, I’ve personally used it for its apparent anti-inflammatory benefits, instead of NSAID drugs (which come with a boatload of true and scary warnings on the label).  But to tell you the truth, turmeric was just plain nasty mixed with water–although it worked!

Then I ran across this recipe for creamy turmeric tea.  The name is something of a misnomer, because it really is a warm, spicy-sweet, comforting, delicious drink.  It’s become a new favorite at our house.  It tastes nice AND it’s good for you!  Click on over and try it, you’ll like it!



Play Like a Kid Again

I never used to play with my kids.  Like—never.   You’d never peg me as the “fun mom,” that is for sure.

I felt a little guilty, but I reasoned that I was too busy , “mature,” and old.

I was reading some healthful living blogs, completely unrelated to parenting, which mentioned learning (or re-learning) to play as part of a healthy life, specifically re-learning how to enjoy movement.  In answer to questions about exercise, one suggested, “Just MOVE.”

What?  You don’t have to torture yourself to exercise?

So I started playing with my kids.  Running barefoot in the grass.  Climbing up ladders.  Sliding.  Hanging upside down.

They were so happy and excited.

It felt, and feels, stiff and awkward.  I remember when I stopped playing like a kid.  My family started wearing only long dresses for religious reasons.  (Not knocking dresses, I still love them.)  Our close friends had built an amazing swing set.  I loved the feeling of flying into the air on that swing, until I felt my dress fly up too.  I loved to run, and I could run faster than the little boys, but I stopped when my dress flew up above my knees.  I stopped climbing ladders and hanging upside down for obvious reasons.  I always said I could do anything in a dress that I could do in jeans, but it wasn’t exactly true.

So I didn’t do any of those things any more.

It is so much fun to run, swing, climb, and slide.  It is so much fun to hear my little ones giggle and beg me to stay out a little longer.  It is so much fun to feel the grass under my bare feet and the sunshine on my skin.  I feel better, more limber and strong.  Small aches and pains have gone away.  It’s a happy thing to learn to move again.

So, based in my own experience, I advise you to go play like a kid again!  Highly recommended!

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The Emotional Aspects of Food Allergies, Part 2

{Cute pic, not sure WHAT THE HECK the caption means though!}

If you are the one with new food allergies, my heart goes out to you. Hopefully your family is doing all they can to make this transition as easy as possible for you. It can be hard for them too. Here are a few ways you can show love to those who care for you and live with you as you deal with food allergies.

 Express thanks. Most likely the person who does the shopping and cooking is pouring a lot of time and energy into helping you. Sometimes they will try a new food or recipe with good intentions and it will fail, you won’t like it, or it feels like you are eating the same thing a lot. Thank them for their effort anyway. It will get better, and feeling appreciated is a great motivator to your caregiver. When my husband affirmed my efforts, I felt like a boulder had rolled off my shoulders just to know he could tell I was trying my best to help.

 Offer input; communicate. Be part of the solution. Look for recipes, be willing to try new things, ask if the family could look for a safe option for your favorite foods. Let them know what you miss the most or what you’d like to try.

 Check your attitude. You have suffered a loss—not like a death, but still a loss. There is a lot of emotion tied up in foods (especially celebration foods), so let yourself go through the grieving process as you let go of those old things and learn to enjoy new ones. Hopefully your family will honor your feelings. However, also focus on all you can eat and the yummy options that are available. Seek to be positive as much as you can. The world is still a delicious place! You will have times of sadness and even anger, but try not to take them out on your family who loves you most.  And don’t begrudge your family members foods they can have that you can’t. One of the sweetest and most mature things my daughter does is to let her siblings enjoy an occasional treat without making them feel guilty.

 Don’t complain. Have you ever been around an old person who wants to tell you about her blood pressure, her gout, the corn on her foot, the latest visit to the doctor, and every detail of every health problem? No one enjoys that conversation. No one wants to hear about all the things you can’t eat either. I hope I don’t sound heartless here, but there are many other things to focus on in conversation besides your health problems. Unless the person asks, has similar issues, or offers you an unsafe food, it’s best to keep talk about your allergies to yourself (especially in social situations). Constantly bringing up your allergies makes others uncomfortable. It’s socially unacceptable, just as it’s unacceptable for me to bring up health problems I may have. Find other things to talk about.

 Have hope. At first it seems hard, but you will eventually find food options you enjoy. If you are young, you may outgrow your allergies. Also, some people claim to have overcome food allergies with special diets. Maybe that is an option for you. This trial did not take God by surprise. He wants to do great things through it. Look forward with hope!

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