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I’ve Moved!

Hello, dear friends.  Thank you for your patience as I haven’t written over the past few months.  If you’re curious about what has been going on with me lately, you can get up to speed at my new blog.  I won’t publicize it till the New Year, but I wanted to give my faithful readers a little heads-up.  A little excerpt to whet your appetite:

Prayers are sometimes answered in the strangest ways.

After several weeks of increasingly severe and strange health challenges in our family, the situation peaked and my husband finally said,

“It’s the house. It has to be mold.

We’re leaving.  Now.”

We fled like the place was on fire.  Dirty dishes all over the kitchen, the house a humiliating wreck, we carried almost nothing but a toothbrush and the clothes on our backs.

Won’t you come read the rest here?  And join me on a whole new journey?