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31 Days: Fear of the Future, Part 1


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During my scared-to-death days, one of my greatest fears was fear of the future.

In fact, I can safely say that I missed most of my teen years because my obsession was with what might happen later.  Yep, it was that bad.

This fear came from a combination of things.  I came from a religious, cultural, and even family background that emphasized “what’s coming,” predictions of political and social disaster, an emphasis on historical tragedies like the Holocaust, the Great Depression, past and current tales of Christian persecution, and apprehension about an uncertain future.  These emphases combined to create a perfect storm of terror in my heart.

It’s true, terrible things have happened historically, terrible things are happening now to people around the world, and my future is not guaranteed.  I don’t know what I’ll see in my lifetime.  It won’t all be good, I know that much.  9-11 stands out as one of the key tragedies of my generation, and I know there will be more.  I may find myself front and center in one of these tragedies.  So I’m not hiding my head in the sand and pretending that bad things won’t happen.

But I believe that there are two areas where I went wrong.

The first is that I did not trust God.

We don’t know the future. 

A popular, mainstream Christian author wrote a book years ago that predicted that the economy would collapse by 1996 at the latest.  Never happened.

Another Christian “prophet,” revered by many evangelical Christians, sent out a “word from God” that described how to prepare for Y2K.  Which, as we know, never happened.

The bottom line is that we just don’t know.  I believe it’s likely that the tragedies of our lifetimes will blindside us.  The ones we anticipate may not happen, and the ones we experience will probably be things we never expected.  Just my opinion.

In light of this, I have to trust God.  I get to trust God.  How foolish to sit around dwelling on what might happen when there is a beautiful life to be lived!

My life has challenges.  Pretty big ones that I don’t talk about on my blog.  But that doesn’t mean that God has not given me an amazing life to enjoy.  He’s given me a calling.  An obsession with the what-ifs of the future would paralyze me and prevent me from doing what he wants me to do right now.

I lost far too many years that way.  I won’t do it again.

We often see not trusting God as no big deal.

 It is a big deal. 

Fear kills our joy, our potential, and our faith.

It’s wrong.  And it’s huge.

How about you?  What is your greatest fear of the future?  How do you combat that fear?


This post of part of 31 Days of Fearless Mothering


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4 thoughts on “31 Days: Fear of the Future, Part 1

  1. Hi Stephanie! Very good post. My husband & I watched, “Obama’s America 2016” and I won’t lie, I get a sickening gut fear about our country. The many Muslims in America now—our freedoms gradually slipping–it frightens me. But I know who holds the future. And like, Noah, His people will be covered. Have a beautiful day!

  2. My biggest fear as a mother was that my children would be faced with mortal danger and no parent nearby to protect them. I would sing “The Lord is My Shepherd” to them so that they would have a substitute for parental protection firmly planted in their (and my) conscious minds.

  3. I can totally identify, Krysten! I had the “sickening gut fear” you described for a long time. But it’s so counterproductive. Jesus is bigger than any of that stuff…And he has come to bring joy and life abundant! Hope you are having a beautiful day!

  4. I think that is such a normal fear, Y. I have done the same thing…filling their minds and hearts with comforting assurance of the presence of God so that they will know they are never alone!

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