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31 Days: Raise Brave Kids


“Scared moms raise scared kids.  Brave moms raise brave kids.” 

Jen Hatmaker, 2012 dotMom conference, Dallas 


This post of part of 31 Days of Fearless Mothering


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In my upcoming ebook, Fearless Mothering, I tell about how God helped me to overcome a lifestyle of debilitating fear.  Look for it in November!

4 thoughts on “31 Days: Raise Brave Kids

  1. Where does your husband fit into this fearlessness?

  2. Good question, Y. I believe both parents are so important in the lives of children, and I think that if one is fearful and one is not, then both have the power to influence the kids. But that doesn’t negate the fact that a courageous mom (or dad) has an incredible opportunity to affect the way her child sees life.

  3. I ask because I would like to hear more details about how families of faith actually operate as parenting and domestic partners on a day-to-day basis.

  4. Well, I am fortunate that my husband is a faith-filled person, and in fact the one who first helped me realize I could overcome a lifestyle of fear. So being on the same page is awesome. We guide our kids in the same direction.

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