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31 Days: Fear of Culture


Culture can be a scary thing—especially when the common views of the culture push against your spiritual beliefs.  When we see evil being called good, and good being called evil, it’s easy to panic.  How are we supposed to raise children in this environment?

Often parents respond to this fear by withdrawing from and demonizing the culture.  It’s an easy out.

But we forget that the culture is made up of people, people God loves, people made in his image.

We forget that culture was his idea in the first place—it’s just been polluted by sin.

And we forget that there are many amazing and beautiful elements of culture—even modern culture—art, music, architecture, film.

So rather than pulling back, let’s engage.

We want to protect our children, of course.  We don’t want to throw them into the basest cultural environments.

But we must relinquish our fears and trust that God is greater than culture, and that he wants to redeem culture!  Our children will benefit from meeting many people from many walks of life, from learning to critically engage movies, books, and music, and from learning to live in the world without letting their hearts be taken by it.  This, I believe, best happens from the safety of parents’  love which wisely protects (because we don’t want to foolishly expose our children to too much, too soon) while gently guiding and instructing.

A bunker mentality is likely to backfire.

Faith-filled, guided discipleship that embraces the beautiful people God made and the good work they create will grow our children into compassionate world-changers.

I’m still a young mom.  I am not sure where the line is sometimes.  That is why I try to look to scripture, communicate with my husband, and listen to older women who have been there and done that, who stayed the course spiritually and who have raised great kids.

I am sure I’ll get it wrong at times.

But far better to move forward with our children, I believe, teaching them to think critically and with discernment, than to do nothing.

Because eventually, culture will find them. 

Have I helped them become ready?


This post of part of 31 Days of Fearless Mothering


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4 thoughts on “31 Days: Fear of Culture

  1. I have two grown children and four grandchildren. I said throughout my years of bringing up children that what is required is listening to what your children and their friends say. I took opportunities to be the driver as listening times. I believe that parenting is like a PG movie; all experiences need to be filtered through parental guidance. A committed group of like-valued adults certainly helps in this effort. We must never forget that we are the physical bodies of The Holy Spirit on this earth.

  2. Such a good point to be a listener for your children’s friends. Although mine aren’t teens quite yet, I’m already seeing the importance of befriending their friends…PG movie, such a great analogy! Thank you!

  3. Stephanie: SO glad you’re talking about this! I think so often we lean towards what we call “protecting” our kids to the point that we are completely disengaged from the very people we are meant to love. Really appreciate this post. So glad you shared at our heart+home link up… blessings! lauren

  4. Thank you for your encouragement, Lauren!

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