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The Benefits of Journaling for Moms and Kids


When I was 9 years old, I got a little pink journal in my Christmas stocking.

And I’ve been writing ever since.

At first it was very sporadic, but it whetted my appetite for what it was like to write for pleasure.  I chronicled the little boys I had crushes on (in secret code) and wrote about my loathing for chores and described my cousins’ wedding in detail.

It was an amazing way to learn the art of reflection.

Now I write daily, not just journaling but all kinds of writing—letters, articles, blog posts.

It’s how I process things, how I make sense of the world.  If I can’t figure out how to verbalize something, I write it down.

Some of my old journals are so embarrassing that I seriously consider burning them.  Others are enlightening.  They bring to mind God’s faithfulness as I read about things I’ve forgotten.  I notice patterns of struggle (my difficulty with housekeeping has been an ongoing theme for 12 years).  I see growth.  My favorite is the one where I kept a detailed account of my relationship with my husband-to-be, from the day we met until we got married.

This week’s challenge: Journal daily for 7 days. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.  Use an old notebook if you wish, or journal on the computer.  Jot down what happened that day.  Or what you are thinking and feeling.  Or write a prayer.

Here is a great post by Michael Hyatt about the benefits of a daily journal.

Bonus challenge: Help your children journal each day too.

I love this article at Frugal Girl about how she does just that.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your children’s lives documented in their own words and handwriting?

Do you find it challenging to journal?  If you already journal, how does it benefit you?


Each month I am looking at one of 5 positive disciplines mentioned by Michael Hyatt in this podcast to re-order our family lives so we can use the internet for good and avoid its destructive impact.  The discipline for the month of September is Reflection.


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4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Journaling for Moms and Kids

  1. I started journaling after a women’s retreat and made a goal to do it once a month calling it my God journal. Jouranling is not my thing…well, it wasn’t my thing. Now I have a thank you God journal for listing at least 5 things I’m thankful for, dear God journal in hopes of actually writing my thoughts down at least 4 times a month, a personal journal again it’s seratic but I write about daily things and thoughts, and I blog. Yea, I journal and I love to acknowledge my thoughts. Journal also helps me in my process of giving all to God. It is a help and an encouragement. Have a lovely day and I wish you all the best in your journaling hopes. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  2. Journaling can be wonderful, and my blog postings are my sanity’s salvation since I live with a mostly non-verbal man. I do know, however, that some journal rather than communicating with the people with whom they live and work daily. Just like some have pets rather than holding the humans in their lives.

    I love to write to get my thoughts straight, but I do believe we shouldn’t let that take the place of actual interpersonal communication.

  3. Yes, Blessings! You described the benefits of journaling so well!

  4. Y–absolutely. For some of us, writing is the easier way to communicate. We still have to work at actually talking to people. 🙂

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