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The Gift of Stillness


When was the last time you were still?

We live in a culture that glorifies busyness.

Our minds and bodies were not designed for this.

But we take pride when we can say, “We’ve been busy”—and feel like slackers if we haven’t been.

Of course all moms are busy.

But there’s “regular busy” and an artificial busyness imposed on us from the outside—the busyness that involves tons of activities, driving, and excessive multitasking.

It’s hard on our children. 

We may not even realize it.  But how much time do your kids have for unstructured free play, rest, and just being?  This is the fertile ground where imagination and creativity grow.

Do your kids have dark circles under their eyes?  Are they tired all the time?  Do they beg you to just stay home?  Do they really want to be involved in all the activities they are in?

All of this leads to our Discipline of the Heart for September—Reflection.  For the most part, we’ve lost this ability in our culture.  We are always “on,” never still.

Why?  I’m not sure.  It’s more than the simple fact that we have a lot to do.  Maybe it’s the expectation of our culture.  We feel pressured to accomplish more, more, more.  And sometimes we try to stay busy just to drown out the cries of our hearts.  We don’t want to face the empty places.

This week’s challenge: Spend 15 minutes in stillness.  Not writing, eating, planning, worrying, or even necessarily praying.  Just be.

I know that’s a trick for moms.  This is the hardest challenge yet for me.

But during my quiet writing hour tomorrow, I’m going to spend 15 minutes of that time in stillness.

A bonus challenge:  Help your children spend some time in stillness too.

It may be just one minute.  Or five.  I have a child who has not been still from conception.  This can be a hard skill to learn.

But I believe it’s essential.

So quiet the house, light a candle, set a timer, and go!

Why is stillness so hard for us?  If you tried to be still for a little while, how did it feel?


Each month I am looking at one of 5 positive disciplines mentioned by Michael Hyatt in this podcast to re-order our family lives so we can use the internet for good and avoid its destructive impact.  The discipline for the month of September is Reflection.


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4 thoughts on “The Gift of Stillness

  1. I like the image of dimming the lights and lighting some candles to invite stillness for not only myself, but my girls. Thanks Stephanie!

  2. I agree with you that our issue with stillness is a cultural one–we feel the need to be constantly accomplishing. When people ask me what I’m up to these days, I’m almost embarrassed to say, “not much. Just the same old thing.” But really, the same ole thing–raising my sone, caring for my home, serving my husband–is important stuff and right where I want to be.

    Thanks for linking up! I’m always blessed when I read your words!

  3. Thanks so much, Mary Beth–I am amazed that you manage to drop in and comment each week! You are right, the ordinary is important. The more time goes on the more I realize that the flashy stuff is so overrated. It’s simple faithfulness that matters.

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