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Learn to Love Getting Older


As my birthday approaches in a few days, I remember that I love getting older—really.

I even have a “Naturally Gray” Pinterest board.

I think youth is overrated. 

Way overrated.

I don’t really like the person I was 10 or 15 years ago.

Not to say there’s not still plenty of room for growth now—there is.  I look back at the fearful, judgmental, immature, socially inept girl that was me and I thank God that he didn’t leave me stuck in that state.  My body might have been better but my soul was a mess.

My dream has always been to be a wise older woman.  Every year I grow a little closer to that goal.

What I didn’t count on is that growing wiser means regular attendance at the school of hard knocks.

Years ago when I set about to grow, I realized this truth: Growth means pain.

When you have a lot of dead wood that needs to be lopped off by pruner’s shears, just look forward to some pretty cutting circumstances.

That knowledge helped carry me through tough times though.  Even now when I’m going through difficulty I sometimes whisper to myself, “Growth means pain.”

There are a couple parenting-related things in particular that have been bitterly hard.  I begged God for years to remove them from my life.  They stayed.  I got mad.

(It’s OK, read Psalms, David got mad at God too.  He said something along the lines of “Just shoot me now!”  So raw, honest feelings are OK with God.  Really.)

I was pretty mad for a few years.

Then I realized something.

Those brutal, painful circumstances had forced me to grow in grace as a mom.

In fact, they revolutionized the way I mother. 

Not only that, but without that particular grueling situation, it’s unlikely that I would have grown in that area at all.  It took something dramatic to unseat me from my ingrained patterns of thinking and behavior.

The situation was hard, still is in a lot of ways.  It involved other people.  I’m not saying God caused the pain.  But he sure as heck used it.

Another year older, another year wiser.

God is slowly changing the circumstance that has been so hard, but mostly he is still changing me.

He’s making a new, improved version.

Seriously?  I wouldn’t trade all the youth in the world for that.

Why do you like or dislike growing older?  How have you  matured with age?


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6 thoughts on “Learn to Love Getting Older

  1. A wonderful post for me to read right now! Gives me pause and a re-examination of these 45 years. I have always loved birthdays and getting older….until this past one. Maybe it’s having a five year old and realizing I’m an “older mom”. But yes, I love what God has done. Thanks for a space to remember that!
    Visiting from On Your Heart Tuesday!

  2. My mom didn’t start having children till she was 36 and finished when she was 49 (5 kids later), so I would say you have lots of youthful years left! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Your post is awesome. I clicked on your title because today is my 41st Birthday. Last year was tough, turning 40 seemed like the end of official “youth” in my mind, but this year, I am realizing how great it is to have experience and years of great memories. Then, I think of how rich my life will be in 40 more years….all the added memories and wisdom, growth in the Lord, and new blessings and opportunities, and 80 doesn’t seem so old, now. Maybe I’ll even go for another 40….120 sounds like a ton of great memories and wisdom ;-).

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that, Michelle! 🙂

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