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When I was younger, I was part of a few exclusive Christian groups.  The kind who feel righteous because we were not like those sinners–to quote the holier-than-thou Pharisees in the Bible, the ones Jesus had harshest words for.

Oh, we would never have verbalized this or even let ourselves acknowledge it in our own heads, but it was still very much there.

I’m so ashamed of my part in that now.  I’m a wrong-doer, a sinner, just like anyone else.  I know some people don’t like the word sinner and I’m OK with that.  Personally, an honest look at my own condition reveals a lot of brokenness, much of it self-inflicted by my own wrong choices.  Sin.  And as a Christian, I believe that the world’s sins, the ones Jesus came to die for, include mine as much as the next girl’s.  I needed a helping hand to rescue me from myself, and Jesus gave me that.  How can I look down on others with the idea that I am somehow better?  I can’t.  When I truly understood God’s gracious love toward me, there was no way anymore that I could hold myself above others.

Not only that, but this knowledge precludes me from treating others unkindly, or thinking about them unkindly, no matter how they live or what they believe.  I’m on the journey too.  My journey led me to Jesus.  And yeah, I believe that there are things Jesus calls sin.  Self-righteousness for example, along with gossip and gluttony and arguing.  The Bible says that you can’t have grace without truth and vice versa.  So if we are in a conversation we might disagree about topics like sin, or what constitutes sin.  That’s OK.  I can handle it.  I just hope that when I join those conversations, I’m gracious about it.  That I don’t feel better than anyone else.

My faith is who I am, and it’s going to come out when I write and when I talk.  I just hope that if you disagree or aren’t a Christian, or if you’re an atheist or a pagan or if you don’t even know what you are, that you will feel welcome and loved here all the same.

I realized recently that in an effort to improve my blog, I’ve fallen into the trap of copying the voices of others to fit in.   I’ve fallen back into what’s easy and comfortable and natural to this native speaker, the language of the Christian ghetto.

I’m all for encouraging other Christian moms—I want to do that—but there are a lot of great ladies out there doing that too, and the last thing I want this space to be is a happy-clappy mommy blog that feels like part of some exclusive club.  A place where it’s Us Four and No More and if you aren’t like me I’m going to wave a sign and carry on about how you are the problem with America.

I’m not going to write for an increase in page views.  I’ll work hard to improve my craft, but my goal isn’t stats, it’s people.

We’re all a sisterhood of moms on a journey that’s rocky at times.  We can all learn from smart women who have gone before us.  We all want to know how to better love our kids, how to protect them, what to feed them, what to do when they melt down in the grocery store, how to educate them, and how to meet their emotional and spiritual needs.  We want to know how to care for ourselves as moms, and what can heal the hurt and empty places that we all have in our hearts.  And as I learn myself, those are the things that I want to share with you.  Me?  I think a lot of that will have to do with Jesus.  But even if you aren’t a Christian, I hope you’ll find something to take away.

So thanks for reading.

You aren’t alone.

No matter where you are on your journey, I care about you.


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