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Mentor Monday: Sally Clarkson

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From Sally Clarkson’s wonderful book, The Mission of Motherhood:

It may well be that our children are not academically gifted, athletically brilliant, or socially inclined.  It may be that our marriage is conflicted or broken and cannot provide the stability we might wish for.  Our finances might be in a mess, or our income may be insufficient to provide the material possessions our children want.  Or perhaps we feel that we don’t have a supermom personality and have a hard time just holding together normal life.

If we focus on intellect, social status, or wealth, it’s almost certain that we will eventually feel we don’t quite measure up.  How comforting, it is, then, to realize that the goals God has called us to as parents are accomplishable.

Any parent in any station of life has the ability to reach his or her child’s heart for Christ and his purposes.  All that God requires from any of us is a desire to serve him and a trust that he can make up the difference for the things we lack.  The Lord would have us know that he is the one ultimately in charge of our children.  He will use our willingness and our efforts, then fill in the gaps of our inadequacies, to prepare their hearts for what he has in mind.

Every Monday I quote or have a guest post from a veteran mom.  Although I have never met Sally, her writing is a continual encouragement to me.  She has raised four children who love Jesus and their family.  Read Sally’s blog here!

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