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A Prescription for Tired Hearts


Our hearts were tired yesterday.

It’s been one of those weeks.  Nothing tragic, just recurring struggles magnified in the lives of some of the littles.  Struggles that bring stress to us all.  Mama, Daddy, babies.

Sometimes we just need a down day for our weary souls to rest and recover.

I try not to make this blog too homeschool-centric, but I have to say—this is what I love about homeschooling.  In an ordinary setting, the littles would be rushed off to school like any other day, but instead…

Our exhausted one sleeps in.  We move slowly through the day.  Our regular seat work is suspended and we fill our time with documentaries, The Magic School Bus, play doh, drawing, quiet learning games, library books.  I wear the one-year-old who has been a bit short on snuggle time during the past couple tumultuous days.  He falls asleep against me and the Ergo carries his sweet, sleeping, heavy little body on my chest as I go about my work.  It forces me to slow down.  Solo piano station on Pandora.  Encouraging reading.  Nourishing food.  Rest.

 And it’s a beautiful, healing day.

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2 thoughts on “A Prescription for Tired Hearts

  1. I did this for 2 weeks but I needed an older, wiser, homeschool-mother to talk me through it, and reassure me because I felt so guilty about the idea. I absolutely love your comment “And it was a beautiful, healing day”! I am going to remember those words next time we need a ‘down’ day/week.

  2. I know, it really can cause a lot of anxiety at times. This might sound silly, but what helped me was reading a bunch of unschooling blogs. It reassured me that learning happens in many different ways and a down day won’t do any harm–in fact, it may recharge everyone so the next day is even better. Unschooling isn’t for us, but it was a helpful to see how different people configure their homeschools.

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