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Recently I had the opportunity to write for a local parenting magazine.  My editor asked me to write “how to” pieces.  I was pretty thrilled for the opportunity, especially since this is my first paying gig, but I had to laugh a little bit too.  “This makes me sound like a total expert,” I told my husband—and we laughed together.  Because I am a mom in the trenches and most days I feel like I don’t have a clue.  I may be able to give some ideas about how to help your kids eat more healthfully or how to read aloud, but here are a few topics I will probably NEVER cover.

How to Keep a Tidy House

How to Make Your Kids Stop Fighting

How to Teach Your Children to Write Thank You Notes (I just cringe at how bad I am at this.)

How to Keep Your Three Year Old From Cutting Her Own Hair

How to Raise Musical Children

How to Teach Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves

How to Have a Serene Home With Toddlers

How to Have a Great Bedtime Routine

How to Create a Perfect Schedule

How to Teach Your Children Not to Write on the Walls

How to Throw a Great Birthday Party

How to Have a Beautiful Yard with Kids

There ya go.  That’s just scratching the surface of the lamer side of my mothering.  I don’t do it all.  I can’t.  I do my best and lean on the grace of God, and just a tiny bit at a time I learn a lesson here or there that’s worth passing on.  Hopefully my kids will forgive me where I lack, and hopefully I will grow in those areas.  But an expert?  Maybe when I’m old and gray!  If expert advice is what you want, check back in 40 years!

2 thoughts on “Not an Expert

  1. Baby Dear! I had that book when I was a little girl!

  2. All of her books are sweet!

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