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When You Are Exhausted


When I became a mom, I was more prepared than some women, but one thing no one warned me about were the days of total, complete, unbelievable exhaustion.  Even the best little sleeper has nights of sickness or teething that leaves mama wondering if she can put one foot in front of the other.  One those days a nap is ideal, but sometimes not possible.  Here are a few tips to make it through exhaustion a little more gracefully.

Breath prayers.  Forget sentence prayers.  “Jesus help” is sufficient. He hears.

Take care of you.  If there is a day for fave jeans and a cute shirt, this is the one!  It takes 30 seconds to get dressed!  Throw up a simple hairdo and some 5 minute makeup.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  You will still be tired, but you will feel better.

Do the next thing.  My sister wrote a great post about this here.  It’s SO tempting to fall apart and veg on the couch all day.  Be gentle with yourself, but do just one thing at a time that needs to be done.  It’s OK if it’s done imperfectly.  Just take tiny one baby step at a time.

Speak softly.  I am sure I am not the only one, but when I am beyond exhausted I also tend to be short tempered.  I {try to} remind myself to lower my voice and speak very softly on those days.  For whatever reason, that extra measure of self-control helps me to treat my family with respect.  It is not their fault that I’m tired.  Do I fail?  Oh yes indeed I do!  But speaking softly helps.

Lower your expectations.  I would love to serve gourmet meals and have a spotless home and perfectly prepared, delightful lessons for my children each day.  On the most exhausted days, it’s important to realize that things will not reach the ideal.  Save the ideal for a better day.  (Scratch that, perfectionism kills, just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and do your best!)  If simple supper and the 3 R’s are the best you can do today, it will be OK.  I promise.

Use the TV.  Yep, I said it.  Don’t suffer mommy guilt if you use the TV as a babysitter on those extra weary days.  Make sure the content is educational or at least wholesome and get yourself a nap!

5 thoughts on “When You Are Exhausted

  1. You know, I think another way to deal with an exhausted day is to change it. After a sleepless, crying baby night, do something different than you had planned. A short visit with a friend and a playdate with the children together works wonders. Take the kids to the playground, or to the library. A little change of pace like these really helps me during those days when I am extra tired.

  2. Great ideas…so true…if you aren’t too tired to drive safely! LOL

  3. Great tips…nothing wrong with a little screen time if it makes a mama more sane and able to carry on, especially if it isn’t a regular habit and more of a treat:) Another little trick I employ is to let the kiddos do an activity/game that we haven’t done in awhile…build forts, play Twister, make paper airplanes…whatever. Keeps them busy and interested long enough for me to close my eyes, take a shower or drink a cup of much needed tea:)

  4. Yes indeed! Thanks Jen!

  5. No one told me either! LOL Love this post.

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