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Thrift Store Bargains and Frugal Valentine Decorating


I didn’t set out to talk about thrifting today but the pictures I took and the fun I had kind of ended up leading to that.

{Clock: Big Lots.  Mirror: Thrifted, $10.  It was gaudy gold, but a can of spray paint fixed that!  Antique sewing machine: family heirloom.  Candlestick: Hobby Lobby 90% off clearance.  Bird: Dollar General 80% off clearance.  Heart place mat: Dillards 70% off clearance.   Vintage books: used book sale. I am sure the candle was clearance or overstock too.}

After years of not decorating and years of not knowing what to do in my house, I studied and studied what other people did–mainly on their blogs.  I got adventurous and started visiting thrift stores and picking up inexpensive little bits of this and that.

I learned that it was OK to experiment.  My first experiments were kind of bad and cluttery.  That is OK.  They are easy to change.

I used to have my favorite scrolly white pitcher and basin here.  I paid $3 at the thrift store for it.  I knew it was just a matter of time but I hoped against hope because I enjoyed it so very much!…and sure enough it got knocked off and broken this week.  Oh well.  I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I realized that my house is not going to look like other peoples’ houses and that is not just OK–that is good!  That is what makes my house mine, and what makes it a pretty and comfortable place for my family!  It doesn’t have to look like a magazine.

{Heart place mat: Dillard’s 70% off clearance.  Platter: thrifted.  Votive holders: thrift store clearance.}

I actually don’t look for too much housey stuff right now.  I’ve come to a place where I am content with what I have.  If I find something amazing, I will pick it up, but…Right now I am happy with what I own.

{Heart plate: wedding gift.  Frames: thrifted and spray painted.  Window: salvage.}

I do still stop by the thrift store.  Excuse the terrible picture, but I just had to share.  Today I found 2 similar skirts that looked like fancy boutique items.  They were $1. (Correction.  They were 50 cents.)  When I put them in the washing machine tonight, this is what I found on one of them.  Just a little gift from God!  I am glad someone else paid $90 for a skirt they never wore so I could benefit!  I find that amusing!

Have you found a bargain lately?

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2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Bargains and Frugal Valentine Decorating

  1. Actually, yes! I just hit the thrift store today, and I got a pink cake carrier, a dress, shoes, a hat, a coat, a cook book, and a pin! If you want to see the pictures, it’s the latest post on my blog lol!

  2. Very cool! Thanks for the comment!

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