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Since Christmas, we realized that we had been eating too many sweets.  WAY too many sweets.  No one felt good.

So we implemented the “dessert once a week” rule.  We mostly eat homemade treats, so if I’m going to make something sweet, it’s only on that one day.  If we have occasion to have a treat at another time (such as a social event), that is fine, and we eat lots of fruit and all fruit smoothies, but we aren’t eating dessert daily.  The kids like it because they have something to look forward to, and I like it because I know when it’s coming up and I can plan, plus, everyone acts nicer when they are not eating sugar all the time.

Anyway, it’s a tiny little tip, but I bet I am not the only one who struggles with a crazy amount of sweets and how it affects the kiddos.  The only downside?  They are eating more at meals, so I have to make sure I prepare enough!

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