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Art for People Who Aren’t Artistic (or Moms Can Find Latent Creativity Too!)


A little ramble about a many-years-long journey to discover creativity…Maybe it will encourage you, too, friends?

I never, ever imagined myself painting!

For years and years I said, “I am not creative.”  “I’m not artistic.”

My house wasn’t decorated, all my crafts were copies, and I hadn’t made art since I was a kid.

I started to see myself as a bit creative as I copied crafts I saw other people do, and then started to come up with a few little ideas of my own for simple crafts or easy decorating.

Finally I determined that as people made in the image of a creative God, we are all creative.  Maybe it’s not art, maybe it’s friendship or math or cooking or gardening or computers.  Maybe your creativity is wholly untapped.  But I’m pretty sure that it’s there.

Recently I started to sketch a bit with the little ones.  I have kept a very sporadic nature journal in the past, which I enjoyed, but I didn’t feel like I could actually sketch.

Still…I remembered something I read in a how-to-draw book once…Anyone can increase their skill level starting where they are.  If you haven’t drawn since you were 10 years old, then expect to draw like a 10 year old!

I realized that at heart I really am an artist.

At heart.

Not that I could actually draw or paint or anything, but I do appreciate beauty and wouldn’t it be nice if I actually could, because I’m an artist, you know, at heart.

And then I got the itch to buy some watercolor paints.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know why watercolors.    I have never painted that I recall.

I read an old children’s book we had called How to Paint with Watercolors.  I watched one YouTube video on watercolor painting.

I used the Hobby Lobby gift card I got for Christmas and bought paints, brushes, and paper.

Then when the kids were painting, I sat down with my favorite bird calendar and I painted a Savannah Sparrow.

And it actually looked like a bird.  It even looked kind of like the picture I was copying.

So I think that with practice and study, I might actually learn how to paint!

This is not something I anticipated or ever dreamed I could do.  I just had to try.  I had to stop comparing myself to “real” artists or “really” talented people, and plunge in.  It’s very imperfect; there are a zillion things that I think could be better, but I am trying not to focus too much on those.

A few writers have inspired me and given me courage.  One is Clarice at Storybook Woods.  I love that Clarice is so comfortable with herself, even though what she does is different from the mainstream.  I love that she does things (like sketching) alongside her daughters, and that even though she is dyslexic, she is also brave and homeschooled her children and also wrote a book!

Another is the Nester.  I love her tagline: “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  She says it about your house.  I think the same applies to art.

So anyway, here is what I have learned through all this.  If I can find untapped creativity, so can you.  Keep trying until you discover what it is you like to do.  It won’t look like anyone else’s.  That is why it’s creativity.  There is no one right way.  Sometimes, in the middle of dirty diapers and piles of dishes and laundry, we moms just need to stop and let our creativity flow.

Finally?  Here’s a little extra inspiration via Pinterest.

Is there something you have always wanted to do but never thought you could?  Go for it!  If you enjoy it, practice until you feel comfortable!  Release the creativity God has given you!  You can do it!

2 thoughts on “Art for People Who Aren’t Artistic (or Moms Can Find Latent Creativity Too!)

  1. Oh my goodness, your painting is awesome! Don’t take this wrong, but I never would have guessed that you had done that…when I first saw it, I thought it was from pintrest or a children’s book illustration site. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  2. Aw, you are so sweet! Thank you!

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