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It’s 2012! Happy New Year!

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I first heard of the idea of choosing a word for the year a few years ago on a secular blog and was smitten.  Now it’s commonplace, even cliché…But I still love it.

Last year and this year I prayed about what my word should be…A focus, a spiritual focal point.  After a brutal 2010, the word God gave me for 2011 was Hope.  It was a hopeful year indeed, from the birth of our little guy on through the year as pieces of life fell together.  I ended 2011 feeling refreshed.

My word for 2012 is Relationship.  It’s so easy to get on autopilot in every relationship—God, husband, children, others…the daily grind of life just takes over and days pass and I realize that while I’ve been continuously with them, I haven’t actually done anything meaningful, we haven’t really engaged in any kind of deep way.  And that’s what I hope to do differently, or at least better.

I don’t want to wake up 10 years from now and find that the whole time that I was feeding, bathing, schooling these little ones 24/7, I never got to know them and built that friendship with them that I could have.  I don’t want to let my marriage drift or my relationship with God grow cold.  This is the year to become more intentional about my relationships, all of them.  To take better care of the ones at home, to be a better friend and neighbor, and to reach out to others who aren’t nearby.

A secondary word for this year is Habit.  I haven’t been very good about establishing good habits with the children, and while I say every year that this is the year it has to change, this really is the year it HAS to change.  Reading Charlotte Mason material, with its emphasis on good habits, has been an extra encouragement in this direction.

How about you?  Do you have a word for the year?

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