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Read-Aloud Thursday: Bomba the Jungle Boy

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For someone who loves books and reading, I’ve historically been terrible at reading to my kids.

More recently I have had them each choose a book to read to me (the 1st and 3rd graders) and one for me to read them (all 3 of my middles).  Even if we only hit 5 days a week, that is 60 books (or chapters) a month.  Not too shabby!

My favorite read-aloud this week has been Bomba the Jungle Boy.  My 8 year old son picked it out.  It’s not one I would have pulled off the shelf for sure, but I’m glad he did!

The Bomba books were written in the 1920’s.  Ever chapter leaves you on the edge of your seat as Bomba faces some new jungle danger.  The vocabulary is challenging, even for an adult—but my guy seems to have a good understanding of the words in context.

My boy has so not been a fan of reading, but he will listen indefinitely while I read to him about Bomba.  When we are done he begs for “Just a little more, Mom, we are just getting to the good part!”  And his reading ability has increased markedly since we started this book.  Coincidence?  I think not.

These books are hard to find for a reasonable price, apparently, but I found a few on Amazon for a couple dollars.  Bomba the Jungle Boy at Moving Mountain is on its way!

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