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Social Media, Behave! Day 3: Counting the Cost and Budgeting Computer Time


The other day I read a blog where the author admitted that at one time she spent 20 hours a week on her blog.  I was dumbfounded.  Not in a critical way.  She can spend her time however she chooses, and for her this must have been a good use of time.  But I realized just how much blogging can take over your life if you let it.  And how much time it can take to write a “successful” blog.

I don’t have 20 hours a week. I don’t have 10.  I have a few minutes a day, and some days, no minutes.

I love to write.  I have ever since I started journaling at age 10.  I could write all day.  But I don’t have all day.  And I’m sure I don’t have enough profound things to say to justify that, either!

So it comes to a matter of not “over-spending” the time I spend at the computer.

I need to write what God tells me to write, and to blog with as much excellence as possible, while staying within healthy parameters.

Laura challenges us today, we are engaging in social media, but at what cost?  How much time can we really afford?  What is our computer time costing us?  And she gives us tools to budget that time.  Go check out what she has to say.



2 thoughts on “Social Media, Behave! Day 3: Counting the Cost and Budgeting Computer Time

  1. A herty “Amen!” to this:) I love to write also…and I find that blogging and writing, though related to one another, sometimes dont’ effectively entertwine. Sometimes, I really just need to write….and whatever the Lord has given me to write about, sometimes it’s just for me, for now. And sometimes, He gives me something to share, as well as a few minutes to get it posted on my blog.

    Love these posts:)

  2. Absolutely. I have a folder on my computer where I just let the words spill. If they make it to a post, fine, if not, that is OK too. Maybe I needed the practice or needed to just process the thoughts–and writing is the most effective way to do that sometimes.

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