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Social Media, Behave! and Make an Easy Advent Calendar


On day 1 of her “Social Media, Behave!” series, Laura talks about pitfalls of social media (trying to achieve fame or other wrong motives), and what each of us might expect from social media.   On day 2, she explores our “online presence,” our avatar, or how we portray ourselves online.  Additionally, she encourages us to write a one-sentence purpose statement.  Here’s what I came up with for me:

I exist online to share the love and grace of Christ with others; to learn from other, especially older, women; and to share what I learn in order to encourage others in their journeys of faith, womanhood, and mothering.


Bonus!  Here is something little that I learned online–not from an older woman, and not something profound!  The kids wanted to do some kind of advent calendar or Christmas countdown but I struggled to find ideas that didn’t take too much time.  Either they were too arty and hard to make, or they involved activities that we may or may not have time to do during the month of December.  (Watching a Christmas movie, for example, is great, but how do I know if it will be convenient to do that on December 9?  Seriously!)

Finally I ran across a super fast idea–fast to make, and easy to do.  I don’t remember where I saw it, but I modified it to fit my needs.

I cut 25 rectangular pieces of paper.  Folded them in half like a card.  The kids stamped a snowflake on the front of each one and I numbered them from 1 to 25.

We are all about fostering communication and conversation at our house, so instead of an activity,  I wrote a question inside each one.  “What is your favorite Christmas memory?”  “What do you think it would have been like to be a shepherd on the first Christmas?”  “What is something we could do for someone else this Christmas?”  “Do you know of any Christmas traditions from other countries?”  “Ask mom/dad to tell you a Christmas story from when they were little.”

And then I hung them up with clothespins like the picture above.

How easy is that?  You even have time to do it before December 1!

2 thoughts on “Social Media, Behave! and Make an Easy Advent Calendar

  1. Going to tuck your blog in my reader as well, love your writing. I too swung into the social media emotional pull to write for others – not that that is what i got from YOU but from the 20 hour writer. Now, as I have a thought, i jot it down. As I download photos of our day, I might share 2 or 3. I really like your mission statement. I think I’ll work on one myself. So far, it has been to take away the fear of homeschooling older boys. People are afraid of what they do not know, what they have not seen. So I pledged to be transparent, good or bad, in our boys. It has been amazing, because now, at the older ages, I get to share the fruit of the time from younger years. I can testify that picking up a tiny baby every time, WILL make for a well adjusted 3 year old, and not the other way around. A 1 year old and below that gets picked up every time, will not need picked up hardly at all at 2 and 3. Security. its a good thing. thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! You are so right…Security equals responsiveness in children, I find, too.

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