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Christmas Before Thanksgiving?


I’ve seen a lot of buzz where people are bemoaning the fact that stores are already decorated for Christmas.  Seems Thanksgiving is almost becoming a non-holiday that gets lost between Halloween and Ho ho ho.  Hobby Lobby had Christmas stuff up in August, for crying out loud.  And I think it’s important to make a lot of Thanksgiving, this wonderful season of gratitude.

That said, the Christmas spirit struck me really early this year.  Like giddy, little-kid excited.  Since that feeling has actually passed me by for a lot of recent years (thanks to rush and stress), I’m going with it.  I have realized something.  I’m so tired and foggy-brained these days, I actually have to allot about twice as much time as I think I need for any given activity.  If I think it takes me one hour to get everyone ready for church, I better give myself two.  So it stands to reason that I really need more than a month to get ready for Christmas.

It’s simple at our house.  We don’t do a huge amount of cooking and baking and we don’t go overboard on gifts.  I put up a tree and a wreath and if I get to anything else, it’s lagniappe.  But still.  All this seems to take a lot of energy when my typical mode of operations is half speed.

So…We focus on giving thanks.  We’re doing Thanksgiving crafts and leafy activities.  I’m loving fall, my favorite season.  But I’m getting ready for Christmas too.  Our tree is up.  Gifts are on order, and I’m making sure I have what I need to wrap them.  Mulling over which cookies I’ll make and what the menu will be.  Noting ideas on Pinterest.  Preparing early is going to make it easier to relax and enjoy December.

This month, I’m thankful for early Christmas preparations.  I’m even thankful that the stores have Christmas stuff out already.  And I’m thankful that it’s still autumn and the turkey is yet to be consumed.

How about you?  How do you balance the holidays and not lose Thanksgiving in the Christmas hullaballoo?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

  1. Personally, I prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving than Christmas. Visit and you will see why. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Noel. I peeked at your blog and you raise some really interesting questions. It’s always good to think through why we do what we do. Glad you enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving!

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