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10 on Tuesday 6-29-11

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1. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying summer and although it didn’t feel like I was getting much done, I looked around the other day and saw a multitude of small but important things I’ve gotten done over the past couple weeks, like cleaning out closets that were driving me in!  freaking!  sane!  And so forth.  The past couple days have felt like a bust though, probably do to my abysmal lack of to-do lists.  I already have my list written for tomorrow.  So for the zillionth time I won’t forget to clean and vacuum the van so I’m not humiliated every time I open the door of the beast that could also be known as the French fry mobile.  (Thanks to my brother in law for the term.)

2. Speaking of my brother in law, he had a birthday this month which reminded me how glad the rest of us are that he is in our family.  He truly is my 3rd brother.  I almost told him that he fits in so well, but I thought that might be in insult.  Ha.

3. I’ve never seen the appeal of Spanx.  Then I had my 5th child.  The end.

4. We canceled cable and got a summer membership at the Y recently with the idea that we would go swimming several days a week.  We’ve been once.  Of course there are good reasons, but…We’re going again today.  Yay.

5. My rally cry this summer has been Carpe Diem!  I’m a planner and rarely does “fun” fit into my endless plan of laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping.  So I’ve purposefully tried to be more flexible and drop all for spontaneous fun like swimming and having friends over.  I have to say that I’ve been singularly inspired by Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things.  It’s admittedly easier to seize the day with 2 preschoolers (her) than 5 children of varying ages (me), but hey—I’m giving it a whirl anyway.  We’ll never have fun otherwise.

6. I’ve been spending a few minutes in the hot sun each day.  Turning some color of beige would be nice, but mostly I notice a difference in my mood when I get sunshine without interference.  I feel so happy!  I know it goes against modern “wisdom,” but…

7. Think about it.  God made people.  God made sun.  I’m fairly certain he didn’t make people to stay inside all day.  Of course, the world is broken so I’m sure there is such a thing as sun damage, but let’s use some common sense shall we?  It can’t be all bad.  I read something by a very pale girl yesterday who was saying that we should wear sunscreen every day, even if we don’t plan to go out, because we might get sun walking from the parking lot to the store.  So the solution for this evil sun God made is a toxic stew of man-made chemicals.  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.  I do tend to burn and so do my kids, and we do use sunscreen sometimes, but I know that for healthy people, sun is not the great satan we’re told it is.  I’m thinking about this and reading a bit, but I haven’t researched it thoroughly yet.

8. I started sketching today.  Just out of the blue.  For the first time in years.  I’m not good at it, but it’s fun.

9. I don’t often advertise it, but I’m no stranger to rigid, aberrant religious organizations and spiritually abusive movements.  I’m so thankful for a husband who truly understands God’s grace and who disciples our family to that end, for a wonderful Jesus-centered church, and for God’s healing.  Anyway, although I did participate in legalistic groups/movements through much of my early life, I was never in Bill Gothard’s ATI organization.  However, here is a very insightful letter from someone who was.

10. This has gotten long and possibly quite narcissistic.  This is probably why some people aren’t fans of blogging.  Well, consider it my stream of consciousness letter to far-away family and friends.  Maybe I’ll be back with something insightful soon!


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