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I wrote here that I really needed to come out of the thrifting closet.

 Then my friend Chasity wrote this inspiring post about her adorable thrifted outfit.  LOVE!

 And when I hit my favorite thrift store yesterday, I knew I HAD to post.  I have found great items at thrift stores, and yesterday was a perfect example.  Silk blouse from Dillard’s, tags still on—original price $59.  For less than $1.  And then I found its twin in a different color on the other side of the rack.  Yes, please!

 Thrift stores once had a stigma as the places where poor people shopped.  Not any longer.  I read an article recently (can’t find it now, darn!) about a new book which explains that the movers and shakers in the fashion community are no longer designers.  They are fashion bloggers, many (most?) of whom create their own styles from vintage and thrifted finds.

 The Sartorialist took street-style blogging to an art form.  Bluebird Vintage is another good example of this, I think.  I love Jen’s Frugal Fashionista posts, which are really more realistic (and not as cutting-edge trendy) for the average girl. There are thousands of these blogs, and as people have learned what amazing finds are waiting to be discovered at the thrift store, it’s become mainstream, even trendy, to thrift.  The shaky economy contributed, I think.  Seriously, why spend $60 (or $100…or more) when you only have to spend a buck?

 I hardly ever set foot inside a retail clothing store any more.  The other day I went to New York and Company, which has historically been one of my favorite brands—their clothes have always fit me well.  But I’ll tell you a little secret, I’ve never bought anything from the store.  I’ve gotten it all at thrift stores.  I looked at all the pretty clothes, even the clearance racks and thought, why should I pay retail prices when I can thrift this brand for next to nothing?  When I set aside time to shop thrift, I almost always find brand new things with tags still on.  Beautiful, beautiful clothes, one time expensive European shoes for my daughter, even house wares.

 So if you haven’t tried thrift store shopping, don’t be afraid!  It’s addictive.  I’m no fashion diva (which is why I’ll never be a fashion blogger), but I have had such fun putting together cute outfits on the cheap.  Thrifting has been a fun and creative way to be the best possible steward of my family’s clothing needs.

 What about you?  Do you thrift?  What are your favorite finds?

2 thoughts on “Thrifting

  1. Oh, I want to thrift…need to thrift:) Thanks for the encouragement in this area! Think I’ll give it a whirl this weekend:)

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