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10 on Tuesday

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1. I love hydrangeas. They are my favorite flower of all time. I almost lost my beloved hydrangea bush to drought this week. Caught it just in time!

2. Then it rained. YAY!!!

3. I’m so happy that school is out. This is going to be a short summer break for us, but I am savoring every moment. During the summer I feel like I actually get to have fun with my kids and be a real homemaker, instead of drilling their little heads full of knowledge all day.

4. I’m not teaching VBS this year—again. Baby is too small and still nurses too often for me to commit to whole mornings. I hope I can work in preschool VBS next year. I *heart* preschoolers!!!

5. In church Sunday, we were challenged to think about what we worship. I was thinking…It’s so easy to worship our callings instead of the one who called us. It’s easy for being a wife, mom, and homemaker to become The Most Important Thing when Jesus should be The Most Important Thing.

6. I liked this post from Parisienne Farmgirl about how expensive it’s getting to feed a family. Couldn’t agree more. When I first got married, over 11 years ago, I could buy a full buggy of groceries for about $100 (and moan and groan about how expensive it was). Now I might be able to get 1/3 of a buggy full for $100. MAYBE.  (At least at the regular store.  At Sam’s I do somewhat better.) What are you doing to save on your grocery budget?

7. My sweet friend Jen reminds us to remember the poor. Yes, groceries are expensive but I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t truly going without.

8. Today I got a beautiful set of drapes (4 panels) for $12. I also got a really nice dress for my daughter for $1. I’ll have to write a post about this sometime. A lot of smart ladies inspired me to be creative in how I buy these kinds of items, and I get a big thrill out of amazing bargains.

9. As I write about frugality, I hope it never seems that I come across as complaining. I’m insanely blessed, my husband is an excellent provider, and his employer is generous and great to work for. Nevertheless, we are a large, one-income family and these little gremlins require a certain amount of carefulness in order to cover the costs of things like swimming lessons, socks, and food for their adult-sized appetites. To me, it’s about stewardship, not some kind of poverty mentality. And bargains make me happy. I think it I were a millionaire I’d still love a good bargain.

10. My baby is huge. My arms are stronger than they have been in years just from hauling him around. But he’s oh so sweet. He “talks” to me so earnestly! I wish I knew what he was saying!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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