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Profound thoughts from Alyssa Welch

I have watched as mothers have idolized their children, carved on them, looked to them over God Himself to make them happy or fulfill their emotional needs. . .

And God keeps His Word. He takes those idols away, often times removing the relationship – He destroys what they hold so dear and idolize. And they wonder why after all they poured in, all they worked on – the “idol” of a child leaves home, doesn’t want to be around, cuts off communication, or can only live with a strained and difficult relationship.

I don’t want my relationship with my children to be under the judgement of God.

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This blog seems to be one step forward, a half-dozen steps back, along with most other things in my life.  I know it dropped off the face of the earth, but I’ll just be transparent and tell you all that I had one of the most difficult months ever in my parenting journey.  I thought about blogging (if I could have found time, which was impossible) and just wondered why in the world I even think for a second that I can pass on good information or communicate what I’m learning.

Sometimes I don’t write out of fear that someone might misinterpret what I write, or read something into it that’s not there by trying to read between the lines, but I’m done worrying about that.  I don’t play games, and there are no subliminal messages in my writing.  When I say I had a bad month, that’s all I mean.  It was a really bad week, filled with parenting challenges, that turned into 4 really bad weeks.  Then my wonderful baby sister came to visit (YAY!) and after she left we took a desperately needed vacation that helped me reconnect with the kids and helped the kids reconnect with each other.  So here’s hoping for less challenging times and more time to blog.  If nothing else, months like these keep me humble and help me remember that I’m just a young thing with a lot to learn.