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Simplicity: Stuff

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A word I’m focusing on lately is “simplify.” The most obvious aspect of this is to simplify possessions, I realized. Organized people have told me this for years, but it takes awhile to sink in sometimes.

I wondered: Could I get rid of 50% of the belongings under my jurisdiction? (Just the things I’m responsible for; I’ll let my husband sort through his own stuff.)

I tend to think of things in categories. It’s intimidating to think about reducing my possessions by 50%, but not so much if I tackle one category at a time. I realize that in some categories I won’t be able to reduce by 50%. In others I may be able to get rid of 90% or perhaps eliminate the category altogether.

Today I sorted through stationery. Do you ever look at something and wondered why in the world you’ve kept it? There were cards in my basket that I got for free years ago. I never liked them, but they were free so I hung onto them. I threw a LOT of paper away, put a stack in the donation pile, and gave all the stickers to my little girl. What’s left is a big box of thank-you cards, a box of beautiful blank cards, and a few pieces of stationery in case I need to write a “real” letter (which I love to do, but don’t do often).

I eliminated the “pregnancy and breastfeeding” book category, making a stack to pass on to a newly expectant mommy. I also reduced my collection of parenting and family books by 50% or more (some I gave away; those that espoused a poor philosophy I threw in the trash!), as well as craft books (bartered for homemade soap on Blarter).

These are baby steps but it’s moving in the right direction. I only spent a few minutes on simplifying today, but the results are gratifying. Reducing possessions brings freedom!

What are your favorite ways to simplify? How has simplicity benefited your life?

One thought on “Simplicity: Stuff

  1. Streamlining my schedule. I’m not talking about a daily schedule, but appointments, commitments, responsibilities through the week. It is so easy for a schedule to get out of control with the business of life. I try really hard to keep my schedule simple.

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