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Housekeeping as Art

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Yesterday, Virginia Knowles of Come Weary Moms shared an excerpt from her ebook.  This bit was about keeping the house clean.  Virginia is an older mom with 10 children, so I imagine she knows what she is talking about.  I started reading her blog just because of the title, which I stumbled across on a day when I truly did feel very weary in my mothering.  I’m thankful for Titus 2 women who share their insights with us newbies graciously and without legalism. (BTW, her ebook is available free–I will be downloading it so I can read more from this wise lady!)

Here’s a snippet from the post that I loved:

“View cleaning up as a form of art.  Imagine how beautiful your home will be if you stay on top of it all.  Picture clear counters, glistening appliances, neatly folded laundry in the drawers, smooth carpets, and shiny tile.”

Happy cleaning, ladies!

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