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10 on Tuesday 4-5-11


1.  As I’ve said before, I’m copying this idea from Payton.  I left a comment on her blog asking if she minded, and she kindly assured me that she does not.  In fact, she said the idea doesn’t originate with her either.  There!  I feel better!

2.  I’m mildly obsessed with Belgian design. Most of my house kind of looks like a mess, but I have always wanted a pretty house, I just didn’t have the knack for making it happen.  There was a huge concrete wall in my mind that I had to break through to start decorating.  I didn’t understand how to decorate on a dime.  After YEARS of studying design magazines and blogs I am getting some ideas.  Before I had just one place in my house that I really adored, my entry.  The other day I looked around my living room and I realized that I LOVE it.  Yes, there are a few things I need to tweak, but overall it feels like a pretty, comfortable place for my family.  I’m liking my kitchen more and more.  I don’t know if I have a preferred style.  Traditional Cottage?  Should I now make that Traditional Belgian Cottage?  Or Traditional European Cottage?  Traditional Eclectic Cottage?  Just plain Eclectic? Don’t know.  What are your favorite decorating blogs?  I love that other people share what they are doing with their houses for people like me that don’t have a clue.

3.  My daughter’s rose bushes are blooming.  I love fresh flowers. Love, love, love.  I bought a bunch of tulips the other day for the living room.  I hope they last for weeks.  I can’t wait till my hydrangea blooms, even though it’s too small for flower picking.  In a couple years I will be able to harvest the blooms.

4. My baby sister’s 20th birthday is this week. Happy birthday, Hannah!  I love you!  I loved growing up in a large family, and I’m so thankful for my sweet sister.

5.  I’m still doing pretty well not nagging my kids. I’m a little bit at a loss as to what to do with this new dynamic, especially in regards to time.  Wow, we suddenly have so much more time!  I know the things I COULD fill it with, I just need to figure out what’s most important and where to put those things in our schedule.

6.  I really am on facebook. Reviving Motherhood.  It’s finally showing up.  I am so confused about how to make it a link though.

7.  I’m loving Tolix chairs. I have many, many pictures saved in my inspiration file.  It’s like a sickness.  But the only place I can find them to buy is Pottery Barn. Holy Guacamole, there is a reason I don’t buy new furniture!  They are outrageous!  I will wait till they are not longer a hot item and then find someone who is tired of them and wants to sell them to me for a song.  Ha!

8.  I’ve said before that I have a hard time keeping my house clean. That was when I wasn’t even blogging. (I really limit my blogging time, more on that another day.  It could take over my life if I let it.)  This weekend we divided the house into zones and everyone took a zone.  I had to supervise pretty heavily because my kids are still learning, but–we did get it clean!  I was so happy!  Soon they will be able to clean their zones more or less on their own and we should be able to knock it out in a couple hours a week.   I know this is not a new idea for a lot of families, but we are behind in this area.  It’s a big step forward for our little bunch!

9.  I posted a couple weeks ago that I have been praying for my kids to have tender hearts. It is amazing to see God answering that prayer a little bit at a time.  My kids are pretty tough little monkeys.  One of them actually said to me today when we were talking about forgiving one another, “We need to have tender hearts.”  I haven’t been talking about it or using that term at all (except when talking to God and my husband), so I can only chalk it up to the work of the Holy Spirit.  I’m thankful.

10.  Have any of you read wise words from an older person recently? I realized recently that I haven’t been reading as much as I once did.  I need to start reading good Christian books again on topics that are helpful for my growth.  In the past a few that really impacted and encouraged me are Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard, Heaven by Randy Alcorn, and Mama’s Way by Thyra Ferre Bjorn.

2 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday 4-5-11

  1. copy the address to this post from the top of the browser and paste in the status message for FB it should create a link for ya!

  2. We have a lot in common. I have trouble with the housework thing too, and really don’t have the time, money or creativity in regards to decorating. I think just looking around at blogs and magazines will continue to put ideas in my head, though.

    As for #10, I totally agree. I love Henri Nouwen books, and Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (I think). We’ve lost so much of the Titus 2 ideal!

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