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I have always loved soup and bread suppers.  And I knew I felt better after eating homemade chicken soup when I was sick.  Turns out there really are many profound health benefits to homemade bone broths and stocks.  One of my littles was sick over the weekend with a drippy nose, nasty cough, and low grade fever.  I don’t know if it was allergies or a cold, but she was miserable.  Everyone else left for early service at church yesterday and the littlest ones and I made a quick early morning run to the store for chicken soup ingredients!  When the soup was done I added a bunch of fresh garlic and some thyme (which is supposed to be good for coughs).  She ate two bowls full late in the afternoon.  I gave her some probiotic and water with lemon, along with allergy medicine, and then she fell asleep for 12 hours.  She woke up this morning 100% better!  I don’t know much about home remedies and natural health compared to a lot of people, but it’s encouraging to me to see her improve so dramatically with a few simple things.

On a related topic, I’ve been following Ann Marie’s Cheeseslave blog for some time.  I find those who adhere to the dietary principles espoused by Weston A. Price and Nourishing Traditions fascinating, mainly because people I know who eat this way are without exception the healthiest ones I know.  They have energy, perfect weight, stamina, high-functioning immune systems, beautiful skin and thick shiny hair even into old age.  It flies in the face of a lot of nutritional advice we get, but in my observation the results are hard to argue with.  Ann Marie is offering a cooking class called Reversing Food Allergies.  (Registration is closed for this class.)  Her own story is amazing.  She conquered rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, food allergies, and a host of other health issues with diet, and she’s on a quest to help others find that information as well.  I’m not in a position (for a lot of reasons) that I am ready to do anything like this, but I find her little promo absolutely fascinating.  It’s exciting to know that it’s possible to overcome so many health issues by learning how to eat properly.

So…What about you?  What are your favorite home remedies?  How do you keep your children healthy?

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