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High-Protein Refrigerator Granola Bars

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I based this recipe loosely on Darby’s granola bar recipe.  Hers were delicious, but just too sweet for me!   And these are sooooooo fast and easy!

I keep them in the fridge.  Otherwise they get soft and gooey.  Still good, but not as easy to eat with fingers.

They are my kids’ new favorite snack.  I cut them pretty small, but they are thick and really dense, so I allow the kids to have one each at snack time and if they are still hungry they can have fruit or raw veggies.  I know the bars are not as healthy as they could be, but since they are loaded with whole grains and protein, and contain no refined sugar (unless you add chocolate chips, ahem!), I think they could be a lot worse!


1 c. honey

1 c. coconut oil

2 c. almond butter

5 c. oats

2 cups nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips, any combination

Mix and heat honey, coconut oil, and almond butter over low heat till oil is melted.  Stir in other ingredients.  Press into 9X13 pan and chill.  Cut into bars.  Makes 32 (I cut 4 across and 8 down).



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