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Bargain Shopping: Holiday Clearance Edition


One of my favorite times to get bargains is post-holiday clearance sales!  Holiday items quickly go down to 75-90% off and you can get amazing deals.  Sometimes I buy holiday items to use the following year.  But truthfully, my favorite post-holiday shopping is when I find items that can be re-purposed to use all year long.

A few recent examples:

A fuzzy white throw for the living room–$5.  It came with a snowman pillow which I didn’t like, but I’ve been on the hunt for a white throw for awhile.  I recovered the pillow and used it in another room.

Bedroom curtains. They weren’t really curtains.  They were cranberry-colored Christmas tablecloths.  But with ring clips and tie-backs, they are now curtains.  $2.99 a panel.

Gift bags and wrapping paper. Valentine’s Day sales are great for these, especially if you have little girls who get invited to birthday parties.  Hearts are just for Valentine’s Day, seriously?  I got some adorable pink heart bags with pink polka dots for 50 cents at Target.  (I would post a pic but I don’t know how to load pictures from my new camera yet.)  Actually, anything hearts is on clearance after Valentine’s Day–so cute with so many uses!


The applications are truly endless!  What are your favorite post-holiday bargains?

2 thoughts on “Bargain Shopping: Holiday Clearance Edition

  1. My favorite are the baskets after Easter. Baskets can be very expensive, but if you shop the Easter clearance you can usually find pretty ones, some fabric lined, which are perfect for serving rolls or giving gifts. I even found a tin pail, in the Cars Movie design which is what G’s room is decorated in, and it looks great on his bookcases and holds his little magnetic letters for the fridge.

    After Thanksgiving and Christmas I do the holiday decor shopping, and usually pick up some pretty linens. 🙂

  2. I am totally going to keep my eyes open for baskets! Thanks! That is one holiday I have never clearance-shopped.

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