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2011 Home Goals

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The Nester (one of my favorite ever home blogs) is having a linky party where we can share our goals for our homes in 2011.

We have a lot of things we need to do to our older home.  So many that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

2010 pretty much whipped me in every way, so I am keeping my goals for this year very, very simple.

One is that we really want to finish laying tile throughout the house.  Last year we did our big living room and it made such a difference.  Hopefully fresh paint will be part of the makeover too, but I’m not obsessing about it.

The other is not really a decorating goal, but a home commitment.  I’m determined that the kids will learn to keep their rooms in order if it kills me.  I’m not shy about admitting that I struggle in this area, and I always laugh when people tell me how organized I am.  They have clearly never been to my house.  We have been working on this diligently over the past couple weeks, and we are all happier.  Who doesn’t appreciate order?  I still have a long way to go to get their rooms decorated and feeling “right” but I am not pressuring myself too much.  I will wait and see how much energy I have over the next months and go from there.

Last, this is a small commitment but it’s important to me.  Hopefully this week I’ll hang curtains in my bedroom instead of the makeshift coverings that are there now.  The first and last time I bought drapes it cost a bundle.  I decided to be patient this time and wait for the perfect frugal solution.  I’m employing The Nester’s concept of a “window mistreatment”. The accent color in our room is cranberry, and I found huge cranberry tablecloths on Christmas clearance at Target for $2.99.  The fabric is as pretty and heavy as many drapes, and the pattern is very subtle and not Christmasy at all (at least I don’t think so).  I may need to line them with a sheet for better light blocking, but since I’m planning to just use a curtain rod and ring clips, this should be easy.  I am so excited and happy that I held out and found a frugal solution!  Even if I spend a few bucks on fancy tie backs and tassels (cheap at Tuesday Morning or other overstock stores), I will only spend a few dollars.

Check out what everyone else is doing here!


One thought on “2011 Home Goals

  1. Good luck with your goals for 2011!!! I will have to peek in on your blog to see what you already did in 2010…Thanks for sharing over at the Nesting Place.

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