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Five Cheap, Nutritious Lunches

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I don’t know if you are like me or not, but I fall into the PB&J trap way too often.  I mean, it’s fine every now and then but when it’s every day the kids get sick of it.  Lunchables just aren’t an option.  Here are a few ideas for inexpensive, relatively nutritious lunches that we’ve enjoyed lately.

Baked potatoes

Top with regular potato toppings, chili, cheese and broccoli, whatever.  My kids love baked potatoes for lunch!

Bean burritos

Super cheap and easy!

Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce

For extra protein, add a little chopped meat or top with shredded cheese.

Snack plates

Fresh fruits and veggies, some kind  of protein (hard boiled eggs, sandwich meat, nuts), and crackers or bread.

Tuna fish sandwiches

Are my kids the only crazy ones in the world who actually like this?  If your kids aren’t into tuna, maybe they’d like chicken salad or plain old egg salad.

One thought on “Five Cheap, Nutritious Lunches

  1. We eat soup for lunch quite often. This week I created a new chicken soup recipe that my son really wants me to repeat! I used lots of fresh parsley from the garden, as well as dried thyme and marjoram, and I think that really helped the flavor to be fantastic.

    My children like tuna fish; this week we had tuna melts for the first time (the boys got to have them at their aunt’s house and they came back begging for me to make them!).

    We had rice and beans this week, but they all prefer it as a burritos. We’ll be doing those again soon.

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