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Mommy Fashion Inspiration

::Photo from ModelMumma~~Check her out!::

Am I the only one who has trouble figuring out what’s in style, what looks good on me, and what to wear?  Most fashion blogs are way too daring for me, or they give off too much of a “I’m trying to look like a sexy 20 year old” vibe.  Here are a few great fashion links, just for moms!

Model Mumma Love her style, even though I will probably never be this skinny…

Empowered Traditionalist Christa Taylor gives some fun tips for chic post-baby dressing.  Here’s part 2.

And I always love by Jen’s Frugal Fashionista posts!  Here’s the whole category.

This isn’t a fashion blog, it’s a beautiful blog by a Christian mom and we will just skip over the part where she has SEVEN children, OK?  Not only is she beautiful, but she has great style.  I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

Finally, I was really inspired by Jones Design Company where she posts what she wore each week.  If you just want to skip to the whole category, here ya go. (Again, I’ll never be this skinny but her outfits are so cute and practical.)


Creamy Dairy-Free Potato Soup

Since you don’t have the rich taste of butter and cream or milk in dairy-free soups, it’s important to substitute ingredients that will add lots of flavor!  Onions, chicken broth, and bits of meat help in this recipe.  I’m sure there are lots of other flavorful ingredients you could add!  I think thyme would be yummy if your family likes it. (I do, my kids don’t!)

Another nice seasoning is Canadian Chicken Seasoning.  I get it at Sam’s Club.


Creamy Dairy-Free Potato Soup


8 medium potatoes

½ c. olive oil

1 carrot, grated

1 small onion, chopped fine

½ c. flour

½ c. rice milk (optional)

1 large box Swanson’s chicken broth, or equivalent homemade broth

Cooked, chopped chicken or sausage—as much as you like (optional)

1 T dried parsley

Salt and pepper to taste


1.  Peel and cube potatoes.  Boil till tender.  Drain and set aside.


2.  Saute carrot and onion in oil till tender.  Remove veggies and set aside.  Save the oil!


3.  Now you’re ready to make your creamy soup base.  Heat oil and whisk in flour.  Quickly add optional rice milk (it makes it look a little creamier) and/or broth and whisk out any lumps.  Cook over medium-low heat till thick and bubbly.


4.  Take half the cooked potatoes and puree them in the blender with 1 cup water.  Stir into broth mixture.


5.  Add onion/carrot mixture, potatoes, parsley, salt, pepper, and meat, if desired.  Heat on low till everything is warm.

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Bad, Bad Blogger!


I have to be the world’s worst blogger!  I know I said I wasn’t going to feel obligated to post, and clearly I haven’t.  ::sad face::  I could offer many valid excuses (not the least of which is fear of coming across as arrogant) but I won’t.  I’ll just say that I’m once again going to attempt to post regularly.


Here are a few things I have in mind for the days and weeks to come:


Frugal living

Dairy-free recipes

Parenting with grace

Becoming an inwardly whole mother


I’d also like to re-post a few things people have told me they found helpful in the past.  And of course I’ll continue to link to those lovely Titus 2 women who have been where we young moms are now, and have so much wisdom and encouragement to offer.

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Helpful and Lovely Links

Check out Ann Voskamp’s beautiful and profound post, Why It’s Really Worth it to Tell Your Secrets.  Sometimes I think most of us are the walking wounded, carrying around deep hurts we’ve never shared with anyone.  Don’t miss the wise comments following the post, which discuss how to share in an appropriate way, using wisdom when our story might hurt others, and finding a safe person to talk to.

At Frugal Girl, Kristen has started a great series about contentment.  I so appreciate honest bloggers who are willing to share the parts of their life that are less than perfect.  But Kristen assures us that contentment is not out of reach!

On the topic of honesty, Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam talks honestly about driving an uncool car for a greater purpose. Don’t miss her current series, 31 Days to More with Less!

Another 31-day poster (and one of my favorite home bloggers), The Nester is sharing how to have a less messy nest.  I can definitely use these posts!

I really loved this post at Amongst Lovely Things on keeping house.  She posted a follow-up here.   Since I’ve mentioned honesty a few times today, I’ll say that this has always been my greatest area of struggle.  It’s not that I don’t want a clean/tidy house, but it has always felt out of reach.  I’m working toward implementing some of the tips found here.  Great practical wisdom!

I greatly appreciate Karen Campbell’s Tenets of Relationship Homeschooling.  In a movement where many parents (often inadvertently, and with good intentions) seek to shape their children into their own image, this is refreshing encouragement to guide our children to discern what God wants them to be.  It’s a helpful reminder to not fall into the presumptuous mindset that we parents already know God’s will for our children’s future, but to remember that He leads them for His glory.  There’s sweet rest in giving up control to the One who cares about our kids so much more than we can!

And finally, here Sally Clarkson encourages us to unplug our kids!

DISCLAIMER:  Just because I link to a specific post isn’t necessarily an endorsement of all the views of a particular writer.  Read with discernment!