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Parenting by God’s Grace

Not long ago I read Jeff VanVonderen’s book Families Where Grace is in Place.  (I was already familiar with VanVonderen from his book The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, which was invaluable as I healed from time my family spent in a spiritually abusive religious organization during my teen years.)  How refreshing in comparison to much of the (rigid and moralistic) family teaching I have read in the past, teaching that brought stress, discouragement, and feelings of failure!

At some point I want to write more about what God has been teaching me about what grace looks like in the context of family, but not yet–I still feel like such a baby in this area.  Today, instead, I’m just going to share a beautiful thought from the book.

“God’s job is to fix and change.  Our job is to depend, serve, and equip.  This is the work of grace.  And it is more restful than you can imagine.”

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