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Pregnancy Diet


My sister and I were talking about the best foods to eat during pregnancy and she shared what her midwife (who’s delivered somewhere around 1,200 babies) told her.  I found it helpful, since I’ve never ever had a doctor give me any kind of nutritional info throughout my 4 pregnancies.  (And yeah, I’m officially jealous that she gets to have a midwife!)

The midwife recommends unlimited fruits and veggies and 75-100 grams of protein daily.  She does not encourage severely limiting any food group, but if weight is an issues it’s permissible to cut back on carbs.

Just thought this might be helpful to others–it was to me.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diet

  1. Mind if I ask who your midwife is?

  2. This is basically the same info I was given by my midwife. I found it odd that 3 different OB’s never commented on my diet, exercise, or weight (even though I gained over 40 lbs. with my first pregnancy!), but my midwife has been a wealth of knowledge on dietary and general health info.

  3. I had always had to use OB’s and I never got any diet advice from them either–or any other kind of lifestyle guidance or ideas for how to prepare my body for birth. In my observation, midwives typically provide such superior care!

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