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Keeping Jesus the Center of Christmas


No one needs to point out that in our materialistic, commercialized culture, the real meaning of Christmas will get shoved aside if we aren’t careful.  Here are a few ideas for keeping our children’s focus on Jesus this Christmas.

1.  Count down to Christmas with a Christ-honoring advent calendar.

There are many available to buy.  Predictably late, I am just getting to this.  I’m making a simple countdown–numbered envelopes clipped to a ribbon.  Inside each envelope are advent coloring pages for each child, one of the names of Jesus written on a card, and a scripture.

24 Advent Coloring Pages

Some of the many names of Jesus in the Bible

Daily Advent Scripture readings

2.  Put up a nativity scene.

I received this one as a gift years ago and it’s my favorite.

Willow Tree Nativity Scene

It’s too fragile for little people though.  I think the Fisher Price nativity set is so sweet.

Fisher Price Little People Nativity set

If you aren’t into plastic, here is a nice kid-friendly wooden set.  (Unfortunately sold out.)

Wooden Nativity Set

3.  Keep picture books that tell the Christmas story in an accessible place

–a basket in the living room, a low book shelf, or on your child’s night stand.  You can even put a Baby Jesus board book in the play yard for littlest ones.  I love this one (some available for ONLY A PENNY at Amazon!).

The Newborn King board book

4. Teach your children Christmas carols about the birth of Christ.

I love Christmas Carols for a Kid’s Heart.

Christmas Carols for a Kid’s Heart book and CD


Bottom line, I think our children absorb our attitudes about Christmas.  If they see us frenzied, stressed and obsessed with buying and all the external trappings of Christmas, they will subscribe to the idea that that’s what Christmas is about.  If our hearts are Christ-focused, it’s more likely that theirs will be also.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Jesus the Center of Christmas

  1. Awww!! The Little People nativity set is adorable! My Lil Man loves Little People. Too bad it’s $60!!

    I’m in love with Willow Tree figurines. I have a couple that someone gave us as a wedding gift, then I bought the pregnant lady to give Ryan to tell him we were expecting, and after Lil Man was born, mom got us the little family.

    Maybe some day I’ll add the nativity scene to my collection.

    This year, I got a ceramic Joseph, Mary and Jesus with a lamb (it’s all one piece) and I’m painting it myself. It is far from fancy, but that’s what I like about it. 🙂

  2. For the past two weeks we focused on how to keep Christ the center of Christmas. It was very eye opening for me. I read The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren and The Nativity by ?
    Both were very good.

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