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Finding Time to Read the Bible

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Perhaps you are young mom with lots of little children around you. How do you get time to read the Word? I know it is not easy. I remember when I had three children under 17 months, and then four children under four! Help! How could I find time to read the Word? I did it by putting my Bible on my windowsill, usually open to Psalms or Proverbs. I could look up from doing dishes and preparing vegetables to read a Scripture. You may like to have a Bible in the toilet or bathroom. Keep a Bible in the spot where you like to nurse your baby. Read a few Scriptures to your children at breakfast time and then again at your evening meal. Keep their souls as well as their bodies clean, too.

~Nancy Campbell


One thought on “Finding Time to Read the Bible

  1. I’m glad you posted this. I am often SHOCKED to find that there are actually people who don’t make time to read their Bibles regularly. Young moms, busy with ministry stuff and taking meals to people and so on, who honestly believe they have no time to read the Word. ?????

    I think it’s important that children see their parent(s) reading the Bible, so I’m not a big fan of getting up earlier to do it. And I would add that if the kids see Mom do it, but they don’t see Dad, as long as there is nothing in Dad’s life to convince them otherwise, they will probably assume Dad does it when they don’t see him. And vice versa. šŸ˜‰

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