Reviving Motherhood

Learning on the Journey

A Mother’s Spiritual Impact

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mother son writing


“It is my conviction that many mothers will occupy a higher position in God’s kingdom than many prominent Christian leaders whom we might expect to find in places of greater honor.  Think of some of the great men of the Bible like Moses, Samuel, and Timothy.  Where would they have been had it not been for their praying, Spirit-led mothers?  Think of Augustine, John Newton, and the zealous Wesleys; their names might never have lighted the pages of history had it not been for the blessed influence of godly mothers!


The simple prayers from our infant lips were but echoes from our mother’s heart.  Can we ever forget the soft caresses of those hands of blessing on our heads as we knelt by our beds?  Can we fail to remember her night vigils, her seasons of intercession, her well-marked Bible, and her words of admonition?  Her actions spoke eloquently of Him who taught us of the greater love of God.


What a tragedy to neglect the counsel of a godly mother!  What eternal consequences to reject her God…’Do not forsake the law of your mother’ (Prov. 1:8)” ~Henry G. Bosch

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