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7 Reasons to Take Your Family to Church

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1. They will learn how to worship with others.

God loves each of us individually, and the Christian’s entire life should be an act of worship.  In addition, God loves His church as a whole.  In the Bible, He tells us that we should not stop meeting together like some people do.  (Hebrews 10:24-25)  The early church met in a large group setting (the Temple) and in homes (from house to house). (Acts 5:42) We should follow their example!

2. It’s the family of God.

Whether or not you have a good relationship with your family of origin, God’s church provides wonderful “family” relationships.  It’s a place of love and support.

3. You will become a better parent.

If you allow God to grow you spiritually, you will become a better person and that will enable you to raise your children better.  Let’s face it, even the best of us can use help!

4. You will learn how to teach your children about God.

As you learn about God, you will know better how to teach your children about Him.  Some churches offer teaching and training specifically to help parents in this area.

5. What you teach at home will be reinforced by others.

God intends for parents to be the primary spiritual teachers of their children. (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)  However, church provides a place where godly adults reinforce what you teach them at home, whether through informal relationships or organized classes.  Your children see that their parents are not the only ones who have vibrant relationships with Jesus.  The family of God partners with parents in leading children to Christ.

6. They will have godly role models.

I’d rather have real-life godly people for my children to look up to rather than just their peers or celebrities.  Your children will be spiritually inspired both by ordinary Christians who live for Christ, as well as more high-profile Christians such as pastors, teachers, and missionaries.

7. It’s a place to meet friends with similar values.

Growing Christian parents should be raising growing Christian children.  It’s a place for your kids to develop fast friendships with people who are walking the same path and believe the same things.  Throughout life they will always have relationships with people who believe differently, but their close church friends should share the most important thing: a love for Jesus.


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