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I don’t normally post on Wednesdays, but there is sooooooo much sickness going around that I thought I’d pop in to offer a roundup of thoughts on avoiding sickness, and flu in particular.  Obviously this isn’t to be taken as medical advice; I’m just sharing a few things I’ve found helpful to me.  Do your own research and act accordingly.

In The Vaccine Book, Dr. Robert Sears gives this list of tips for boosting your child’s immune system:

1. Breastfeed

2. Minimize sugar and junk food

3. Minimize other chemical exposures (especially in foods)

4. Use omega-3 oil supplements

5. Give your child a probiotic supplement

6. Fruits and vegetables

7. Vitamin A

8. Vitamin C

Here are some other helpful posts and articles:

10 Tips for Building Your Immune System

Canada Looks at Vitamin D for Swine Flu Protection

More Evidence That Vitamin D Beats the Flu

Which is interesting, considering this CNN report that 70% of American children are vitamin D deficient.


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