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Hi ladies,

I have absolutely nothing profound to say today except that I’m going to try a more structured blogging schedule to ensure that I keep RM ticking.  I plan to blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays with one post at some point over the weekend.  I also hope to focus more on the thoughts of others who are wiser than I rather than my own, as I originally intended.  I think I made a similar promise awhile back; hopefully this won’t be another false start.

If you’d like to keep up with my blog (and others) without clicking over all the time, consider getting a feed reader account like Google Reader or Bloglines.   You subscribe to whichever blogs you wish and updates are sent to your account.  It’s as easy as checking email–a great time-saver.  I use Bloglines and it’s adequate.  Google Reader is better but I don’t use a Google account for privacy reasons.  Your preference.   There are other feed readers available as well; those are the two best-known, I believe.

In light of that, tell me…What are your favorite mom blogs?  I’m always up for a good dose of encouragement!

Happy reading!

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Back to School Tips, Anyone?


It’s back to school time and I have a question for you!

What makes your family’s school days go better, whether your children attend traditional school or whether they are homeschooled?  Do you have any mom tips to share?

I started our new homeschool year with a lot of apprehension, but God has been very good and we had the best first days of school that I can remember (either as a student or now as a teacher).

A couple things helped.  One is simply throwing myself on the mercy of God, knowing that I can’t do this on my own.  I am not super organized or particularly gifted, and teaching my children is more a matter of obedience to God and personal calling than of being a homeschool devotee.  That said, I do want them to have a happy childhood and a good education, so I’m so thankful for God’s help to enable it go better and better.  The longer I parent (admittedly not very long yet) the more I realize that I just can’t get it right on my own; I have to have Jesus.

Secondly, I made a realistic schedule, something like this one (but tailored to our family). This was not my first go-round with a schedule, not by a long way.  I have typed countless ones over the years, all of which have failed…until this year.  I gave myself a bit more grace, which mainly means I didn’t put things on there that I knew would probably not get done anyway (getting up for a 4am workout, for example…if you do this please don’t tell me).  I also alerted the kids to my expectations in advance, which has helped.  I don’t say this to brag, but rather to encourage you that if schooling/routine/child training have seemed almost impossible, hang in there and it will get better!  All these years of rocky starts are finally paying off for me!

Third, for a couple weeks now I’ve been preparing for the next day the night before…lay out clothes for everyone, make any necessary advanced breakfast prep, make sure I know what’s for supper the following night, check the calendar for appointments, and scratch out a quick to-do.  (I have this written into the schedule so I don’t forget, because I WOULD forget.)  This 10 minutes of preparation  makes the mornings go SOOOO much better.

So what about you?  I can’t wait to hear!

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Cooking, A Lost Art

Al Mohler has a very interesting article on the loss of cooking in Western culture.  Also worth checking out is this NY Times article by Michael Pollan (author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma).  It’s long, but has some great insights into the importance of cooking and why it’s fallen from fashion in our culture.  You can also listen to an NPR interview with Pollan here.

What do you think?  Were you raised in a cooking family or taught to cook as you grew up?  How has that affected the way you do or don’t cook today?  Do you think the notion of cooking is overrated in these articles, or is it something we should try to do more of?

These articles coincide with the release of the movie Julie and Julia, which is about Julia Child.  It’s at our local theater–I want to go!  Here’s the trailer.