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Summer Fun Ideas Needed!


boy bike

School is out.  It’s sometimes too hot for outdoor activity.  What ideas do you give your kids when they complain that there is nothing to do?  It would be great if the ideas were things they can do at home without excessive adult supervision…We are doing lots of fun things together this summer, but I need some things they can do on their own too!

7 thoughts on “Summer Fun Ideas Needed!

  1. How about posting a chart with things to choose from during free time? So, if they come and ask, you can direct them to the chart. Ofcourse, you will want to sit them down and talk about each thing so they know what is on the list. You can even do a picture list so the little ones have no excuse. You can be specific with the activities so you take the stress of thinking off of them. Like “read 3 books” or “color 2 pages” or even better “make my bed” or “sweep for mom”…lol

  2. Do you have sidewalks? A bucket of water and a paint brush on the sidewalk is fun.

    Inside stuff huh? How about the old sheet and dining room chairs tent gig?

    Sorry, my brain isn’t working right now…*g*

  3. Ohhh, good ideas, ladies! Gina, if the activity included water it probably woulnd’t be too hot! 🙂

  4. The chart gives them control,they love that!!!

    Here are some things I would put on it.

    1. Make my bed.
    2. Read a book to sister.
    3. Sweep the floor for mom.
    4. Make daddy a card.
    5. Make sister a card.
    6. Write a note to grandma or grandpa.
    7. Pick up toys.
    8. Color 3 pages real nice for mom.
    9. Do 4 pages in your work book.
    10. Read 3 books.

    Still thinking…hum.

  5. 11. Play 2 computer games.
    12. Draw a picture of your favorite Bible story.
    13. Make a play or talent show with your siblings for you parents. Be ready to perform it after dinner. (haha)
    14. Play school with your siblings.
    15. Draw a picture for dad of the best day of your life.

    Okay, I have to go be productive now…lol.

  6. ooo, i like the painting with water idea! mine could do that!

    lil man loves chalk. also, a small bin of sand or cheap bird seed can be played with on the driveway. lil man and the neighbors love this. they use play dishes, old yogurt and butter containers, etc and they “cook.” because it’s all on the driveway, we just sweep it up and put it back in the bin when they’re done.

    mom bought us each a small cheap squirt bottle when we were kids. we spent lots of time outside every summer, squirting each other!!! they hold more than water guns, and you can twist the sprayer to get different streams.

  7. I know that I’ve written this before, but the Library is our favorite place to visit during the summer. Participating in the summer reading club can result in coupons for free pizzas, ice cream, and bowling. There are loads of story time opportunities and free arts and craft classes for kids of all ages. Best of all, these are all indoors! Sadly, these don’t allow any alone time for mom, but my 2 year old never allows for that anyway!

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