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The Need for Silence?

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Growing up, my dad had a very low tolerance for noise, especially recorded noise.  Although we were never allowed to play our music loudly, nine times out of ten he either had us turn it off or down–way down–when he was home.  My mom never allowed us to become dependent on having music to work by.  “I don’t want you to think you can’t work unless you are listening to music,” she said.  I remember how irritated I used to get!  Now I know that they gave us a great gift.  Times of quiet bring mental and emotional rest.  And no, I don’t always have to have music to work by (although it’s nice sometimes).  I have to admit that I’m even turning into my dad in some ways, as media noise grates on my nerves when it goes on for too long.

Yesterday, Al Mohler posted a great blog article on children and the need for silence. In our noise-polluted society we sometimes forget that we (and our children) need times of quiet.  Today it takes a conscious effort to find silence, because noise is the world’s default setting.  But it’s worth it!

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