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Kid Craft Ideas

crafty crow

I’ve wanted to do more crafts with my kids this summer, but sometimes I just come up empty for ideas.  This week, I’m checking out The Crafty Crow, a collective blog for kids’ crafts!  Thought you all might enjoy it too!

Here are a few more cool kid craft blogs/sites I’ve come across. 

[Disclaimer: Just because I link to a site doesn’t mean I endorse everything on the site.  These are sites that have inspiring ideas for things to do with kids, but obviously I haven’t had time to read every post on every blog…Read with discernment! :)]

Little Elephants

Marcel’s Kid Crafts

Unplug Your Kids

Chica Schmica

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Bargains Seen About Town

girls shopping

Here are a few good (or relatively good) deals I’ve seen while out and about over the past week or two.  Local friends, hope this is helpful to you!  P.S.  I didn’t buy all this stuff!!!  🙂

Big Lots

Stainless steel water bottles, $3

Restaurant-style mugs, plates, and bowls in a variety of colors, $1

Large wicker baskets, $5

Rubbermaid-type tubs, $5

(I think some of these are things they keep in stock most of the time, but it was new to me.)

Tuesday Morning

Peter Rabbit tea set, normally $50, now $19.99

King sized sheet set, normally $450, now $89

Beautiful pillow cases, normally $45/set, now $15/set

Blue and white tea pot, $25 (I think the original price was around $50)


Little girls’ Stride Rite tennis shoes in several styles, 70% off…normally around $40-45…now $10-12

Dress Barn

You can pick up a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, or $15 off a purchase of $75 or more.  To me this is not a huge bargain, but it definitely helps if you planned to spend that much or buy something new anyway.  I believe the sale runs from June 26-July 8???

Cedar Chest Thrift Store

Costume jewelry, new in package, just a couple dollars per set.  Someone donated a large amount of brand new inventory from a store closing.


Tell us about bargains you’ve seen lately!!!


Summer Fun Ideas Needed!

boy bike

School is out.  It’s sometimes too hot for outdoor activity.  What ideas do you give your kids when they complain that there is nothing to do?  It would be great if the ideas were things they can do at home without excessive adult supervision…We are doing lots of fun things together this summer, but I need some things they can do on their own too!

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The Need for Silence?

children window

Growing up, my dad had a very low tolerance for noise, especially recorded noise.  Although we were never allowed to play our music loudly, nine times out of ten he either had us turn it off or down–way down–when he was home.  My mom never allowed us to become dependent on having music to work by.  “I don’t want you to think you can’t work unless you are listening to music,” she said.  I remember how irritated I used to get!  Now I know that they gave us a great gift.  Times of quiet bring mental and emotional rest.  And no, I don’t always have to have music to work by (although it’s nice sometimes).  I have to admit that I’m even turning into my dad in some ways, as media noise grates on my nerves when it goes on for too long.

Yesterday, Al Mohler posted a great blog article on children and the need for silence. In our noise-polluted society we sometimes forget that we (and our children) need times of quiet.  Today it takes a conscious effort to find silence, because noise is the world’s default setting.  But it’s worth it!


How I Accidentally Created Non-Picky Eaters


I’m often asked why my kids eat so well or how I keep them from being picky.  I’m fortunate—I never set out to not raise picky kids or to be a food Nazi, but apparently I have accidentally succeeded in raising children who aren’t too particular.  In retrospect, here are a few reasons I think that happened.  Again, it was by accident.  And I’m not claiming it’s foolproof.  I might end up with a picky kid tomorrow.  But for what it’s worth, here’s what I’ve done that has (apparently) worked.

I breastfed exclusively until 6 months. No bottles, no cereal, no fruit; just good mama milk.  I have read that babies’ palates develop through mother’s milk and even while in utero.  This is good news for me (except that my kids must be addicted to peanut M&M’s and Reese’s peanut butter cups.  Oops.).

No baby food. Once they were 6 months or older (a couple of mine have not really cared for solid food till 8 months or later), I mashed up whatever we ate for baby, especially fruits and veggies.  (I avoided high-allergy foods like strawberries, peanuts, and egg whites, of course.)  If they like it, fine.  If not, they were still getting plenty of breastmilk.  I also never gave my babies much juice or other flavored drinks.  If they got a sippy or bottle, it was for water.  They never knew the difference!  Since my kids are developmentally normal, I am really low-key about introducing solids.  They will eat when they are ready.  They are all very healthy and rarely sick.

Once they were older, I didn’t prepare separate “kid food.” When we had spaghetti, I didn’t get them pizza.  When we had grilled chicken, they didn’t get nuggets.  When we had fajitas, they didn’t get nachos.  They ate what we ate.  (If we ate junk, so did they—haha!)  I don’t force my kids to eat stuff they really hate, but I am not a short order cook and I’m not fixing a bunch of separate dishes just because they are kids.  The concept of “kid food” is a modern phenomenon.  If I do require them to eat a portion of something that is not their favorite, I will serve them a tiny amount, like a teaspoon full.  I’m not really into creating food battles.

I make most of their snacks such as cookies, muffins, etc…and I try to make them healthful or at least more healthful than the boxed alternative.  Sometimes I serve fruit or veggies with dip.  My kids love and adore processed junk food, but they also love real food made from scratch because that is what they eat most of the time.  They even sometimes love foods that I think are disgustingly healthful.

They’ve participated in growing some of the food they eat. Most years we have had some kind of garden, even if it’s small.  I have found that when kids “own” the process of food production, they are much more willing to try those foods.  My kids readily eat foods not typically considered kid-friendly such as squash, lettuce, kumquats and Japanese plums because they have watched them grow and then get to harvest them themselves!  There’s so much fun in that!

I get this question a lot, so there you are, for what it’s worth!