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Discipline is not screaming at your child when you are exasperated.  Discipline is not smacking your child after you have told them to do something 17 times!  We discipline by watching carefully over our children and keeping them within the boundaries we have set for them.  This brings peace to the home and security to the child.

Of course, there has to be balance with discipline.  There are times when we provoke discipline.  Sometimes the only way a child can get his mother’s attention is by being naughty.  If we give them adequate love and encouragement and love when they are playing or working happily, they will not have to resort to this habit.  When raising our children, I realized that if I was to reprimand them for everything they did wrong all day, I would be at them all day!  I realized there was a difference between childishness and naughtiness.  I therefore decided to discipline for that which I felt was important–disobedience, rebellion, insolence, telling lies and anything that was contrary to God’s Word.  We never allowed tantrums, not for one minute!  We never allowed the children to pout or have a bad attitude.  But I would overlook some of their childish fun, such as if they were noisy, messed up things, or accidentally broke things.

~Words of wisdom from Nancy Campbell, mother of 6 godly grown children

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  1. Wow! Thanks Stephanie. I needed this one really bad! I feel encouraged.

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