Reviving Motherhood

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Parenting With Love

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Parents must be what they want their children to be. If we want to keep them from the sin of Cain, who did not love his brother, let us beware of the sin of Adam, who did not love the commandment of his God. Let father and mother lead a life marked by love to God and man. This is the kind of atmosphere in which loving children can be trained. Let all your dealings with the children be done in love. Angry words, sharp reproof, and impatient answers are infectious. Love demands self-sacrifice. It takes time, attention, and perseverance to train our children in God’s ways. When our children hear us speak of others, of friends or enemies, let the impression they receive be the love of Christ we seek to show. Father and mother should also show love and respect for one another. Their considerate and unselfish attitudes should prove to the children that love is possible and has immediate rewards.

Above all, let us remember that it is the love of God that is the secret of a loving home on earth. When parents love the Lord their God with all their heart, then family love will be strengthened. Only those parents who are willing to live consecrated lives, entirely given up to God, will receive the full promise of the blessing. If we want to make our homes a foretaste of heaven, then ordinary, half-hearted religion is not enough. Only the love of God shed abroad in our hearts and our lives will make our homes on earth the likeness of the home above.

-Andrew Murray, Raising Your Children for Christ


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