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My sweet friend Erica gave Reviving Motherhood the Brilliante Weblog Award awhile back–and I haven’t yet acknowledged it. Thanks so much, Erica!

The rules are that you tag 7 other blogs with the award. I’m going to make up my own rules since I’m kind of rebellious like that. (Or something.) I can’t say I’m technically passing on the award, but I do want to share links to some really helpful and inspiring places. Since I can’t seem to find time to write lately, maybe this will provide some reading material for you!

1. Crafty Crow is a “children’s craft collective”. In other words, it’s a center for all kinds of simple crafts for kids, from all over the internet. How nice to have someone else do the collecting for you, yes?!

2. You might recognize Jan Brett’s name from her children’s books. She has an amazing and generous web site chock full of coloring pages, alphabet sheets, and more. There are probably hundreds of free printable pages. And cute!

3. Recently, Simple Mom wrote a series called How To Be Disorganized and Unproductive at Home. Brilliant. Lots of great ideas for streamlining and making the most of your time and energy.

4. I love to read 4 Reluctant Entertainers, which is essentially a blog about Christian hospitality. Sandy offers an abundance of ideas, recipes, and encouragement to share your home with others. Plus, it’s a treat for the eyes. Good stuff.

5. If you need a laugh and you’re one of the 3 people in the universe who does not read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, run, don’t walk there–now. Oh my. I laugh till I cry.

6. This list wouldn’t be complete without recommending my husband’s blog, The Disciple’s Journey. What can I say? It’s great. I just wish he’d write more often. (For that matter, I should be writing more often…)

7. I absolutely love the art of Belle and Boo. Beyond cute. If I was shelling out cash for art (especially for my girls), I’d buy it here.


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