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4 thoughts on “Come On, Make Us Laugh

  1. Bradley (4)- “Mom, Wishus (our dog) just chewed up my dinosaur”

    Kelly- “Oh no, I’m sure you have more just like it. Let’s just throw it away.”

    Bradley- “No mom! Can’t you put some metal on it?”

    Kelly- “Bradley, putting metal on it won’t fix it.”

    Bradley- “Okay, then put it in the FIX IT machine.”

  2. Bradley- “Hey Dad, is that hair in your nose?”

    Brent- “Yeah buddy, you get hair in your nose when you get older.”

    Bradley- “Oh. I don’t have hair in my nose. I just have boogers.”

  3. Laughing out loud already!!! 🙂

  4. Hey Stephanie!

    Thank you a bunch for visiting me over at The Barefoot Mama! This is my first visit to your blog…and I *LOVE* it! I’ll be back again and again. What a cute post…and cute shoes to boot!

    Here’s a recent funny from our house:

    Grace (my 2 year old daughter): “Mom, you were farting. All night long. Yes, true.” (Thanks, hon! “All night long” is the phrase that she puts with eeeeverything!)

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