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If you’ve ever been to my house, I’m sure you’re laughing by now. I really should have enlisted the services of a guest blogger for this one. Or I could just say, “Watch Design on a Dime.” I’m about as qualified to write a post with “decorating” in the title as I am to write a post with the words “fitness,” “organization,” “spotless home,” or “gourmet cooking” in the title. In other words, not.

But I’ll give it a shot and show you some pictures of Silas’s room from our last house. (Here in the new house I haven’t really figured it out yet.) I ended up being pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered, and it was frugal.

He loves to sleep with his army sleeping bag, which is just fine, but it didn’t look very inviting, or very neat. I’ve been wanting to buy him a spread, but for now I simply asked, “What Do I Have in My Hand?” I dug around in the cedar chest, looking for something, anything, to put on his bed, and found this pretty afghan that Billy’s great-aunt made us when we got married. I had forgotten all about it. It was just right. No money spent.

The bed itself came from a garage sale. I am not sure; it might have even been free.

The big middle picture is a signed pen and ink print that we got at a garage sale. I got the other pictures from an outdated calendar I bummed off my brothers, and framed them in frames people had given us. Total cost for this little arrangement: $1.

These beautiful signed lab prints belong to Billy. I believe he got both of them as gifts. They went perfectly on the big wall opposite the bed.

This kid-sized gun rack came from a garage sale, too. I think Billy got it for $2 or $3.

The thing about “What do I have in my hand?” decorating is that you can’t be too much of a perfectionist. I think it boils down to contentment. Silas’ room does not look like a designer room, although if I had the time and went to the effort I could do that for a reasonable cost as well. But I’m happy with it the way it is. He is too, and that’s what matters. Thrifty decorating also means patience. Most of the time, if you want to save, you don’t just go out and buy the whole ensemble at once. You have to wait for those good deals to come along. But I don’t mind. I guess I’m strange, but it brings me a great deal of satisfaction to have made my little guy a cozy space so frugally.

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  1. We seem to do a lot of painting in our house. Our oldest two girls share a room with a bunk bed. In an attempt to give each girl their own space, I stenciled their names in colors corresponding to their room (pink and purple) and added polka dots to the existing painted name after it dried. We also placed a small wooden shelf (purchased as a pack of 3 at Big Lots for $5) on the wall next to their bed. They like to place personal items such as a doll, pictures and their Bible in their space. If you really want to redo a room- get the family involved. When we converted my husband’s office to the girls room everyone pitched in as a Christmas gift. My in-law’s bought the bed, my grandmother bought the comforters, my mom bought curtains and lamps, and we purchased saucer chairs, painted the walls, and added some decorations on the wall.

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